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The Sandbox Alpha 2 – Dracula's Castle FIXED! 34/34 All Quests

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Dracula’s Castle has been fixed! Now it is possible to get 34/34. Check out where to find all the coins here

0:00 Chapter 1 – A Call For Help
0:28 The Wacthtower – Spider Cave
01:39 Back on Track – Undeads!
02:44 The Inn
03:20 Chapter 2 – The Village
05:15 The Church | Underground Undead
07:46 Revelations
08:16 The Graveyard
09:53 The Crypt | Rock 1
11:30 The Dark Forest – The Ritual | Dark Signs
14:35 The Broken Curse | Rock 2
15:00 The Cursed Swamp | Skip levers to open gate
15:41 The Swamp’s Spirits
16:58 The Underground | Rock 3
19:00 The Holy Portal
20:45 The Trolls (Optional Quest 1)
23:13 The Witch (Optional Quest 2)
25:35 The Werewolf (Optional Quest 3)
27:22 The Dracula’s Castle
27:50 Chapter 3 – The Demon Door – The Sewer | Dark Knight 1
30:26 The Secret Room | Dark Knight 2
32:28 The Prisons | Dark Knight 3
33:01 The Second Floor
34:23 The Library
34:50 The Final Battle | Part 1
35:46 The Final Battle | Part 2
36:54 The End

Dracula’s Castle can be played from:

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