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The Sandbox – Season 2 – NFT Institute

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The metaverse is all the buzz right now, and one of the most interesting platforms is The Sandbox, which promises to be “a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences on the blockchain”.

The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 is open from March 3 to March 31 for everyone to play and earn raffle tickets for the drawing of an Alpha Season 2 pass. This pass also unlocks the ability to earn SAND, the native currency of The Sandbox. During this series we will show you how to get started and playthrough each of the “experiences” in Alpha Season 2.

In this video we play through the NFT Institute experience, where we will need to complete 3 quests by collecting Voxelite, meeting the Metaverse guide who will ask us to find 3 Points of Interest: the Main Hall, the Atrium, and the Main Hall Basement. And lastly, running an obstacle course!

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◾ Under development by The Sandbox
◾ Signup at
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