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Thief Sells 5,000+ Stolen Hollow Knight Fanarts as NFTs

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OpenSea is a marketplace for NFTs. On it, bots masquerading as users are uploading stolen artwork by the thousands. This includes a user with over 5,000 listings of stolen Hollow Knight fanart ripped from Twitter accounts. But as I dug more into this, I discovered the problem was the broken system which enabled the bots. OpenSea is overwhelmed by the unending cycle of theft, but rather than making any changes to their system, they only accept manually written emails to process DMCA requests one by one, taking weeks to do so.

NFT thieves list stolen art by the thousands. From my understanding, they pass the price of posting these listings to the purchasers, which is what allows them to do this. Even selling one percent, or less of these listings makes it more than worth their time, because stealing artwork is free. Meanwhile, OpenSea profits off of it through their 2.5% service fee.

US copyright law states that service providers such as OpenSea are obligated to “expeditiously” process takedown requests. As far as I can tell, they aren’t. I would love to see this marketplace sued into the ground. But this is just one NFT marketplace of many…


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