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This is What"s happening with BITCOIN Right Now- Michael Saylor | Bitcoin News Today

This is What”s happening with BITCOIN Right Now- Michael Saylor | Bitcoin News Today In this video Michael Saylor also discusses buying more bitcoin with …



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  2. There has been a lot of talk about the current market’s correction, but during the correction, two scenarios played out amid this massive pullback. The first being short-term hodlers sold at a loss, while the second being Miners and long-term hodlers accumulated coins. Ergo, buying the dip. With fear being a prevalent market sentiment, many long-term crypto proponents voiced their confidence in the crypto-markets. The crypto ecosystem boasts of more than 4,500 different cryptocurrencies and choosing a few coins/tokens to trαde or hodl might seem a daunting task, especially at a time when the crypto market is undergoing a correction phase. Every cryptocurrency operates in a different ecosystem and, at times, it becomes important to consider each one as a separate asset. Fungible tangible internet money is the most common connotation that is attached to cryptocurrencies, but people need to be educated beyond that because of the “real value” that these assets have. Even when exchanging an asset for more promising assets in other to get profits is not as basic or easy as it seems which is why you need an expert opinion when trαding which is why I trαde with Trαde Signals and advice from Prof Greg Darrell and I’ve increased my portfolio by over 8 b t c. He is a top notch trαder and trαde signal provider and here are his contact details by the way Telegram ( @ Gregdarrell ), WhatsApp {+1 9 1 4 4 5 5 0 4 3 4 } OR ( [email protected]), nonetheless, cryptos have been trading like a “risk asset” over the past few days in the midst of the pandemic, the whole world, and the U.S. in particular, is in a macro de-risking environment, thanks to inflation and international tensions. The “uncertainty” in the bigger environment that sustains the crypto ecosystem, has ultimately made people shed their risk assets and has been one of the main reasons for the market’s volatility. Trαding with experts opinion or signals is one of the surest ways to being profitable in the crypt0 ecosphere, Prof Greg is one of the best trαde signal providers I have come across and you can get a hold of his free trαde courses on the web to give you more insights on trαding.

  3. news is giving positive view but the chart tells bearish divergence, 1 month and 3 months, its right there its facts. charts dont lie.

  4. Hello what's the best way to get started with trade cos I've been making my personal research for a while now

  5. Nice, but his comparison of energy usage vs ROI and calling it "efficiency" doesn't make sense to me though…

  6. I'm new to forex and I find it difficult using these strategies well. Where can I find a legit broker? that we manage my account and also teach me how to trade.

  7. (With my long timeexperience and as a tradr in bin ance, a minimum investment of $ 1000 can earn you within 5percent to 12percent of your investment from every single trade and the trade is been carried out on a one month interval

  8. If you are a trader you can short the future by the spot. lol Yes bring up the price up and short it by letting it drop

  9. Dumb people that invest in bitcoin. Think at wat the world leaders are planning. Some with climate…. Crypto climate accord. And then also say it get used for payments haha. It is slow and expansive. Bitcoin has no usage. only for criminals. Money laundring. If whole world go use Bitcoin it will use more energy then the whole world toghetter use. It makes no sense. XRP is the future.

  10. Hello I'm new to bitcoin trade and i have been making few loses, but recently i see a lot of people earning from it , can someone please give me a new strategy or at least tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  11. Thanks for the educative video⭐I still see cryptocurrency as one of the best digital investment and i totally love the technology when it comes to the largest crypt0 asset Bitcoin .As a trader, i have been able to understand that there are two sides when it comes to crypt0 and everyone has their 0pinions when it comes to choosing sides, though i am not kicking against, but i see it as an old and odd strategy to make profit of the market as when the market goes bearish investors/traders loses their investment which is always painful, when you can take advantage of the market by involving in day trading or copying trade alert from a professional trader that understand the market and use strategy to generate signals daily to make profit to grow your portfolio as i have been trading with James Robeson for the past 5 weeks and i have been able to grow my initial 5btc to 32.8 btc with his trade signals which is much better/profitable. Raymond Tregre is so good that I can attest to the accuracy of his trαde s!gnαls which is why I would recommend him for any trαder looking to stay profitable.He runs a program for serious minded investor/newbies who are curious to earn from b!tcoin regardless of the current pr!ce chart. You can easily get_to Raymond Tregre on 🆃🅴🅻🅴🅶🆁🅰🅼 @raymondtregrecrypto

  12. ɪ never knew there was still a good hearted person like ᴏᴍʟʜᴀᴄᴋ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ again..

  13. ɪ never knew there was still a good hearted person like ᴏᴍʟʜᴀᴄᴋ ᴏɴ ᴛᴇʟᴇɢʀᴀᴍ again..

  14. Despite its volatility, Polk:adot did not breach its 12-day long resistance and support levels. While the altcoin has been testing the $17 and $14 levels, it did not manage to break past either of them. The Simple Moving Averages lines were in different positions. While the 50 SMA line was in support earlier, it could be seen switching to resistance. The 100 SMA line was already bearish. The Squeeze Momentum Indicator highlighted bullish pressure receding on the 4-hour chart due to the appearance of positive bars. The indicator was in an active squeeze . Capital outflows were starting to become dominant, according to the Chaikin Money Flow, with the indicator likely to head below zero soon. D'O'T can fall even more, but it should consolidate within the aforementioned levels. I was able to grasp the knowledge of tradlng crypt0 assets early enough, but i was still limited due to my lack of technical understanding of how to analyse the digital market, all that changed when i encountered Bryant Miller services, although i have been into numerous services but Mr Bryant Miller stands out with experience and expertise playing in his favour. I must confess it wasn't an easy task to learning the routes on tradlng but with the assistance of Bryant, it was more easier to understand. Bryant is also an expert trader and f!nance journalist and you can find his courses on tradlng on the internet for free and they come in handy as an !nvestor and he can be reached on gmαil ( [email protected]) OR Եҽlҽցɾαต (@bryantmillertrade ) for his assistance on strictly crypt0 related concerns.

  15. After losing more than $2,000 of value in a day, b!tcoin has calmed around $33,000. Most alternative coins are also untypically calm since yesterday. However, over the past few weekends, we saw serious volatility, which could reach the market once more in the following hours. The primary crypt0currency has struggled in the past few days after reaching a 12-day high of $36,600 on Tuesday. The bears regained control at that point and reversed BTC’s price trajectory for the following 72 hours. B!tcoin firstly dipped beneath $35,000 and, despite a brief attempt to regain some of its losses, kept decreasing in value. This culminated yesterday when the crypt0currency fell by another 5% to its lowest position in five days of $32,600. The asset bounced off since then and reclaimed $33,000 where it’s situated now as well. However, the past several weekends all started with adverse price movements, which is why there’re worries that the scenario might repeat itself and BTC could lose another sizeable chunk of value. trading crypto this days has turn so difficult but thanks to Mr Vincente Sanz, its been so smoth for as i copy trade signals from him. He is an expert trader and finance journalist and some free trading course of his can be gotten at http://www.vincentesanzcom and also via gmail: ([email protected]) to be contacted strictly on cryptorelated problems.

  16. The more the price falls, the more comparisons will be drawn to the Great Crypto Crash of 2017/18. It may be a bit early for the four year cycle to be coming to an end, but the level it has fallen is now very familiar: More than half of bitcoin’s value has now been wiped away since its all-time high in mid April. Cryptocurrency prices are at their lowest since the start of the year. While some are cashing out in case it falls further, others are hoping this might be a great buying opportunity.I advise people not to hold, I was able to grasp the knowledge of tradlng crypt0 assets early enough, I didn’t think it was possible to make constant win from tradlng till I came across Nathan Jones program for lnvestors/newbies who lack understanding on how tradlng crypt0 works, to help them stack up more Bit¢σ!и, since late last year till date I have made over 4₿TC from 1.2₿TC with Nathan Jones help. 🌈 ™️ 🆃🅴🅻🅴🅶🆁🅼 @ [Njtradingfxx]

  17. Bitcoin is garbage it really is compared to cardano nothing negative bitcoin fees are our of control it's not decentralized its controlled by the miners it's a power hungry animal and its only going consumption more power over time its manipulation to the hilt shell I go on about all the problems bitcoin face and why would you buy this garbage coin it's a shitcoin

  18. )What is a ponzi? It's a system that does not generate anything but investors money (bitcoin). Who benefit the most from the ponzi? the first investors because they must be paid to give the impression that this is a good money making scheme( bitcoin). Who are the ones that lose their money? The latecomers their money is going to the first investors to keep the thing going (bitcoin). Bitcoin changed it a bit but the end result is the same its still a ponzi. What happen to ponzi's? many with smiles and far more with tears.

  19. I bought two more today with the expectation that it will 2x-4x from today’s 7/1/2021 price by end of year. Not checking price until 12/31/2021. The interim volatility doesn’t bother me. Sleeping like a baby.

  20. Many people are seeking for stability in this unstable crpto space and A lot of people are wondering if now is a good time to buy because of where the price is at right now. I'd say it's outrightly wrong to just sit back hodl and wait maybe incur some losses along the line, that's a wrong mindset for an investor because as an investor finding ways to always increase and stack up more coins thereby making prof!ts should be the way of lifeThat being said, the market is still all about BTC at the moment and I’ll advise current investors and newbies to take advantage of the Sir Alex program, an establishment that handles people who lack understanding on how manover the crypto space , to help them recover loss from the crash and also accumulate more positive returns, with their program i went from having 1.4btc to 9btc in just 9 weeks. Sir Alex can be reached onᎢ Ꭼ Ꮮ Ꭼ Ꮆ Ꮢ 𐋎 Ꮇ( SirAlexprof )..

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