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TODAY'S INTERVIEW! | Brad Garlinghouse On Ripple XRP "The GOAT"

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  2. Joe, you’re a disgrace. DYOR prior to wasting senior executives time coming on your show and making you and your show look like an embarrassment. Well done Brad for staying calm. Joe, maybe YOU are the toothpaste that has come out that can’t be put back in.

  3. <<Appreciate your review,i really do for you gave a very good advice with the right mentality adopted for cryptos✔People are getting the TSLA market situation wrong everywhere. With the current price I will advise lnvestors to trade before the bull run, The saIe of βͳc by TSLA has nothing to do with proving liquidity (regardless of what Elon says) or Elon losing confidence in b!tcoin, it is purely done for the purposes of managing the EPS results for wall street. We have to remember that TSLA is a publicly trad ed company with very high visibility. Anyways if you are seeking and speaking on improving your cryp to experience with daiIy ga!ns, I mean a functioning trad e group makes everything simple for refreshes on day by day trad e s!gnals. With NORMAN's insight I presently don't need to stress over the ascent and plunge ofBitcoin. For profess!onal guidiance, you can without much of a stretch get to ROBERT on Teiqram; *robertnorman*>>

  4. Crypto will only be allowed for the rich not the small retailers is what I can take in about all of this

  5. The CNBC guy is one of those obnoxious money guys who think they know everything. Ughhh what a fckin toolhead

  6. GEEZ why do they not make a quick research first before interviewing people? such a lousy interviewer… considering how senior he looks i was expecting more

  7. Congrats Brad. Well done, as always

    CNBC….still attempting to confuse the masses by calling them “Ripples”

  8. This reporter has no clue what he is talking about, Brad realizing this had to help him with the questions lol

  9. CNBC stooped to an all time low when alluding to Ripple conducting some nefarious activities when they covered regulations – thankfully Brad’s rebuttal was just superb; he is always on form.

  10. Does Brad sleep…. because his signature is all over the world….ripple in Emarites Oman Egypt India ..the list goes on..

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