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  1. So when is the fresh video uploading, dude? Have you observed ChihuaToken btw? should I join?

  2. Hi due, I need your opinion. I plan to purchase a bit $RAPTOR, what is the best time to buy?

  3. Lmao all this clowns think they going to be rich by next year!? Lmao good luck clowns better luck getting a job and education that can advance you to bigger payouts in the future so go outside read a book play tag, play hide and go seek because those bills ain’t going to be hiding when ya loose all your money on this fake scams made by satoshi nakamoto can u even prove he is real or show a real photo of him fakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wondering what ADA super safe wallet can i use for stacking and if they work some how woth hard wallets. Would you trust your retirment plan in that wallet?

  5. Nice vid, dude! Worth of sharing. want your view on BeyondFinance. They tell there are actually high rewards and experienced community. Is it a perfect idea to invest? Can’t get rid of these judgment.

  6. Hello what's the best way to get started with trade cos I've been making my personal research for a while now.

  7. Many believe one of the major keys to success is waking up early every day. Having a head start before everyone one else and being on step ahead at all times and fully prepared. When others are still sleeping you are already working.⁣

  8. Elon Musk CRASHED the BITCOIN Price and proposed a Radical DOGECOIN UPGRADE to beat BITCOIN hands down and become the CURRENCY of the EARTH

  9. You did amazing on the live stream when we were all taking a hit. ❤️ When you gave instructions on what you would do I sold my shitty alts straight away then back into ada when we started coming back up. What a emotional and mental ride even though it’s just numbers moving around. Still held onto my TVK though 🙂

  10. Professor, Without Knowing Precisely What The Danger Is, Would You Say It's Time For Our Viewers To Crack Each Other's Heads Open And Feast On The Goo Inside?"

  11. Go check out $SET (Sustainable Energy Token) 🌿🚀, less than a week old, nearly 8k active holders, listed at Coingecko and soon at CMC and donates weekly to a sustainable initiative, first 10k USD donation is done 🙏🏽

  12. Question. Why when I buy on coinbase pro does the number shown in my orders always end up higher than when I buy? I literally bought at 2.07 and in my orders it showed 2.09

  13. Have learnt so much in 1 1/2 weeks from you Jason, and I'm super thankful. This stuff is so interesting!

  14. What Elon did was huge for this crypto market.He opened the eyes of millions for crypto. Bitcoin and alt -coins are unstoppable.

  15. If I were you I would delete this video as the market keeps crashing….nobody really cares about alts right now

  16. What’s a better play

    A third eth coin or add to my ada bank which has 2,266 coins by bringing it to 4K in coins? Thoughts 💭 as they are much appreciated.

  17. As pointed out by several other YouTubers what's happening to BTC is market manipulation by the big money guys. Look up "Wyckoff" on YouTube. We have all been manipulated.

  18. People going to need some hopium today.. alts are bleeding hard and fast.. some down 20-30% in last 2 hours.. my volitility alerts are going crazy! Now the question is do these people reinvest those profits into btc and restart the cycle or we going down to test the 20k previous cycle top? We just dropped below the 200 so we are officially in a bear cycle and the bull cycle is officially over.. at least short term.. it’s trying to bounce back above it but it’s looking weak.. more like a relief rally not a bottoming reversal..

  19. Guys it seems like making crypto videos on youtube is now more profitable than trading crypto for everyone . Now you know what's left to do.

  20. Yo Jason, whatever you did differently this time… don’t do it again… even the recorded video is S**T! And by that I mean shows up the lag and choppyness…. Content is on point as usual

  21. Too many haters in your chat, this was some excellent, well reasoned advice, Thanks Jason!

  22. Jason, if your stream slows down next time, try closing the video feed of yourself. The more change/movement in a video, the more bandwidth it uses. Just keep the chart up and keep the microphone on.
    Not that we don't like seeing you, mate.

  23. Stock to flow model indicates we are 1/2 way or a touch more through bull… based on last cycle

  24. ADA – Third chance to buy $2 again soon 😛 I topped up my long term hold TVK because it's probably not going to go this low again and FYI when it hit it's support line. Will be buying the majors and ETH when it keeps going down towards 3k. I'm gonna step it up to make some more value in life to take advantage of this bull market / crash

  25. Reassuring to wake up to find the Voice of Reason clearly explaining his thoughts, no hype, no gloom. Tyvm… :o)

  26. Totally anecdotal but 2021 until now has seen a huge influx of new retail people who are basically clueless. I'm not at all surprised to see a massive selling of BTC at the first sign of adversity. The fud is strong with those peeps.

  27. Stop listening to people saying all this crypto is at sale, no bro we are at the bear stage of the market.

    Be honest with yourself, you’re just trapped at a high price and finding a way to exit at a profit/small loss.

  28. I think the big investors are going to find it risky to buy into non green coins. its a major shift and we better go with it.

  29. Went in at 3300, woke up today to 2961, getting an out at 2800 or 3xxx something .. Weve been doing bad mornings but good afternoons for a while now

  30. These scam coins are getting crazy! Someone just shilled me:

    – 27 trillion in circulation

    – unlimited supply cap

    – only 1 node

    – 25% of supply minted in the last 6 months

    – 1% of holders own 30%

    Oh, wait. That's the US dollar.. Had to share 😉

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