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Ultrasafe Token (ULTRA) Crypto – 100X?! Is this the next Safemoon?

Ultra safe Token was just released 24 hours ago and has over 10000 holders! They are already listed on CoinGecko and working on being listed on …



  1. If you read this you're still early to Ultrasafe. This is big and is going to explode soon. The devs are doxxing themselves on Wednesday AMA, Top 25 CEX listing coming very soon, 2nd audit coming very soon, CMC listing coming in a few days, marketing has not even started yet. Literal crypto world records have been broken in just 3 days. DYOR and maybe make some good money 🙂

  2. Hold for 4% FREE TOKENS on EVERY transaction. Top CEX listing, merch. store THIS WEEK, Livestreamed DOX Wednesday, transaction VOLUME coming. Still very early. WAGMI.

  3. i bought ultrasafe at trust wallet but the app doesn't show the price of my coins and the graph please help.

  4. Ultrasafe will be an incredible pump and dump can't wait to see how much my 1.1B ultra can yield me because it's going all into Safemoon aka the only real moon coin w actual utility behind it!

  5. This is a new offering with secret developers and zero utility, being driven by hype alone. Are today's crypto investors really this stupid?

  6. This one's going to go crazy. The UltraSafe devs are crypto veterans from UK/NA building upon the SafeMoon contract. Already SafeMoon whales have bought in at 134k, 67k etc. Get ready.

  7. this is nuts, I've never seen anything like this. thanks for this, already made back my losses for this week!

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