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Use the Google Finance Function in Google Sheets

With the Google Finance function, you can easily extract stock ticker information, display it on the worksheet, and then chart as necessary.



  1. how do you get the price for a certain date in another cell? =GOOGLEFINANCE(A1,"price",A2) where A1 is the symbol and A2 in the date

  2. Thanks for such an informative and succinct video!! Would you by chance know if I could create a Google Sheet with a column that gives a Y/N for whether options are available for trading? I see you can add options prices but I would rather just know if options are available or not.

  3. Hi Ralph, I noticed that when using GOOGLEFINANCE historical mode (weekly), dates are not always aligned to end of week (fridays). For example, in your video I see you have data for 4/13/2017, however that falls on a Thursday, not Friday. Any idea if this is a bug?

  4. Trying to get Formula for getting Stock info from Marketwatch (Google Finance doesn't have the data I need). I have the formula for Stock Price =MID(Index(ImportHtml(CONCATENATE("",A6), "table"),3,1),7,9). What I need though is Price Change from the previous day. Does anyone know how to get Price Change formula so I can use it in Google Sheets? Here's the page:

  5. Thank you,
    Ralph Phillips, for your nice video, to retrieve the data on a google sheet. But I'm facing problems to generate data. I tried for "pe", "eps", "high52" etc for a time period of e.g. 5 years, but I could not do that. I put the formula as you suggested for these variables. Please sir give me the way to solve the problems.

  6. are the best. No doubt why the company is keep growing👌👌 Thank brother for this beautiful info 👍👍

  7. hey ralph, is there any way i can restrict the formula from giving me the dates (i just want the prices)

  8. Ralph what is the formula for just one historical day? I just want my google sheet to record the HIGH,LOW,PRICEOPEN,VOLUME for a stock, say FCEL JAN 1 2020. When I enter the date and ticker in my cell I want it to fetch it automatically for me. I dont need all the daily or weekly or is it best to just goto a chart and record them manually.

  9. Thanks for sharing, but do you have an idea to connect google sheet ticker with other country stock exchanges?… I

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