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Walking in Decentraland

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Prompted by the news of the fashion week and by the declarations of big brands in the industry, we decided to take a walk on Decentraland and see with our “eyes” the situation. Despite the good impressions on what can be the future developments of the platform and a certain consistency of what happens on screen, we immediately ran into a large number of technical problems:
– Stuttering phenomena on several browsers,
– Delay in loading models and textures
– Lack of refinement of the interactive environments.
– Orientation & directions are hard to discover
A pity that, combined also with the scarce presence of users in our session, showed us how much technological development has to progress in order to achieve a better user experience. Nevertheless we are excited about the expansion of the metaverse and the growing interest in new forms of interaction between brands and consumers: step by step, are you ready? #development #userexperience #future #metaverse



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