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    Intro 00:00
    Bitcoin weekly momentum 00:35
    BTC price and moving averages 2:00
    The Warning: This is what the bulls MUST DO 3:30
    Cardano vs. Bitcoin 7:00
    ADA could be getting ready for explosive move 7:45
    Cardano price resistance 8:30
    ADA support held 9:30
    Warning on Cardano 10:10
    Head and shoulders pattern and $1.50 to watch 11:30
    Stake your Cardano with Crypto Capital Venture! 14:45

  2. Greetings from UK please can anyone here share ideas of a better trading strategy, cuz am new to crypto

  3. What is the fastest way to buy crypto. I'm using coinbase and there is too much slippage for my liking.

  4. Just curious, you’ve basically been with cardano since the start? How much money did you put in when it was around .15?

  5. Does anyone else get a solid castlevania vibe from the intro music when you watch CCV on 1.5 speed?

  6. Thanks a lot Dan for your calm and clear analysis of the TA. I’m torn between bullish and bearish tendency of the price right now, but it actually doesn’t matter in an buy and hold environment I guess.

  7. I know everyone doesn't want it to fall under a dollar, but I really would so I can offset more so.

  8. I almost sold on Saturday when it closed under 1.50 after watching your video. Wish I did because I would have been loving the chance to buy back in instead of selling off my other assets in panic mode.

  9. I really like how its been bumping its head on each point of resistance on the way up before breaking threw instead of shooting right threw like when the whales bought after the first sell off.

  10. If China is shutting down the business of bitcoin, crypto currency, India and rest world will have to reverse it.

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