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  1. Having googled "Wallter Bulls trader' you can find a interesting person. He made a fortune a couple of years ago. Lately, such services have appeared that allow copying the results of professionals. This character clearly demonstrates how to copy him in automatic mode using such services. We got to try while the market is on the rise

  2. Most people think…. Investing in crypto is all about buying coins then leaving it to rise, 🙅 come on it takes much analysis to be a successful crypto trader……

  3. In as much Bitcoin price tag wasn't encouraged at the moment it's Traded Stock are on Favorable Recently I made $24000 on my Trade account confidently.

  4. Which part of this was supposed to blow my mind? Dude, I like your stuff and I follow you but can you just dial back the clickbait 20% or so? I feel like I’m insulting myself every time I swing through for a “MINDBLOWING, SERIOUSLY LIFE-CHANGING YOU GUYS” update.

  5. DIEM: THE FACEBOOK CRYPTO COIN WILL BE LAUNCHED IN 2021. Everybody uses FAKEBOOK, so that will demolish BTC. BTC returns to $0.0008 by 2024.

  6. Talking shit.. blow your mind. Are you begging for people to follow your dream or do you know it for sure ;)?

  7. Creator of Venus is also involved in HYFI (Hyper Finance) on BSC
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    30m supply – currently 10 cents as its brand new
    It features auto compounding
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  9. When you said 100 years to mine the rest.. just came out that way.. or not accounting for processing power getting exponentially faster over the coming decades?

  10. Introducing Mrs Morgan M Bradley to all the beginners who lost and yet to recover there losses, she helped me trade and recover losses

  11. I realise everytime when us market open they always dump. Before market open was 38k plus once us market open always drop and dump. (Dumb)??

  12. About 40% more USD came into existence in the one year following March 2020 coronavirus was figure I had, more than 25% figure you mention.

  13. traders who are fcuking up and many youtuber are using people and fucking crypto space for profit if u believe in it don't trade with leverage buy and hold and support explaining the project

  14. I like the discussion about what else to invest in other than crypto!? Gold and silver man, don't forget the precious metals!

  15. 200000 seized by Bulgarian govt!? Thought BTC was safe from gives big banks….LOL. I’m huge BTC guy but not dillusional gives have bigger guns and organized entities to take whatever they want.

  16. Thank for saying the numbers as I’m(sure many others) listening! (Not watching) while getting ready for the day. Please keep saying numbers as if doing a podcast 🙏

  17. I believe it will bounce back since many people are expecting it to go down 25k but the whale will do exactly the opposite and quickly drive the price up, it would be too late before people to realize the market bull is back.

  18. If you don't understand the scarcity of Bitcoin and its effects on the price you really have to ask yourself why you are in this space?

  19. China, Europe and USA are making their own e-money systems. I think it could be possible, that the wales who dominate the markets are in a boat with the governments and now our cryptos are killed systematically.

  20. Consider that there is at least two different factions on the future: inflation and deflation. If deflation kicks in, the dollar will increase in value. Deflation is the best 'Great Reset'.

  21. Very informative, loved the graphical view of where all the bitcoins are at the moment. Nice job 👍

  22. Satoshi Stacker, I r3ally love your platform! Even more so with this video regarding Bitcoin holdings! I never had the intent to sell my Bitcoin and seeing this helps me even more to see how valueable it really is! Loving how you bring the info to the table!

  23. The cheap soil importantly colour because lock beverly push out a daily earthquake. zesty, empty calf

  24. $100 in 1913 would be worth $100 today. What you mean to say is that the purchasing power of $100 in 1913 is equal to $3 in 1913 dollars today.

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