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What Does a Giant Monster Neodymium Magnet do to a Mouse?

In this video I show you what happens when you bring a giant neodymium magnet near mice! I also show you what happens when you bring your hand in …



  1. Thought you Gona squish mouse with magnat got all exited thinking it would be blood bath berry misleading 😄😁

  2. I wonder if you've ever assessed Ed Leedskalnin magnetic lever he used along side his PMH? The magnetic lever is a iron core coil that is placed somewhat center of an iron/steel cable. Each end of the wire from coil is connected to the other coils end of the PMH. Then placed between the two coils of his PMH within the rounded area's of the PMH. Then when the bar is placed on the PMH and energized, it sends the North and South pole magnets out the opposite ends of the cable. If several of these Magnetic Levers were setup along the pathway of one that would of been buried beneath stand ( as to insulate it similar to the glass in his experiments within his writing) you would be able to utilize the like force of the magnetism to levitate the cable. Those cables/levers laced thru a hole thru a large stone would assist in making the stones lift easily. I also believe Ed used 24v to achieve his work. 16×1.5=24 if an earth battery was fashioned each battery could produce 1.5v per cell. A total of 16 in series would then produce 24v. His generator he showed off also produced 24v . . . Those tripods in pictures of him working each held one of these Magnetic Levers with four 6v battery (car battery of his time were 6v) . Where did the 6v battery come from? He sourced everything from local scrap yards the only battery available in abundance in his time were car and truck battery. The Model A & T's were scrapped out regularly.

  3. I wonder if there's a way to have such a strong magnetic field that it repels concrete enough to offset its own weight . I guess not since that would mean we'd all be driving hover cars.

  4. Magnetic field lines are a product of the observation, to see them, you have to add conductive material. Due to the presence of conductive material, the magnetic field is concentrated along those areas where it can be conducted with less resistance. Without the addition of conductive material, the magnetic field would be more homogenous. So only by adding those pennys do the field lines form along wich the pennys are oriented.

  5. Did the 39k dislikes actually watch the whole video? I didn't know there were that many PETA members. Lol

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