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What i do, how i do, why i do certain things in #fwallet. #fantom

These are not financial advices, but my thoughts and my strategy. Do your own research. Impermanent loss article …



  1. Just amazing!
    I respect and admire your view on defi.
    I'm learning more about crypto and I'm new to staking and your videos are really helpful, thanks a lot!

  2. thanks for your videos (watched all of them), very informativ. Only the audio could be more optimized (intro vs. speech). I played around with fantom, however dont get the fUNI at this stage. It shows a price of 0.81 fUSD per wFTM, whereas the market is at 0.49, so bought some at market and swapped into fUSD. Obviously stuck with that, but I assume if more are doing that, the price will go down or at some point fUSD will be pegged to USD???
    Also, minting fUSD from sFTM there is no economical risk, but if the C Ratio is kept above 5x, profit can be made, right? Where is that profit comming from? as the fUSD are not transfered away from my wallet (shows as an Asset)?

  3. With your process are you basically getting additional rewards for no risk? Worst case scenario your C ratio drops below 500 and you stop earning minting rewards, but even if it drops below 300 you can still unlock your fantom at any time since you kept fUSD and can repay your debt right?

  4. I’m not very clear on the c ratio still…are you always checking in to see that it’s in the 500% range…and then I’m not sure on the steps that need to be taken if it’s above or below that 500%…and why that’s important

  5. So I just watched all of your videos, amazing by the way, and I was wondering if you could help me out. What exactly causes you to get interest in the DeFi suite? Is it the locking of collateral, the minting/holding fUSD, or providing liquidity? Also does the DeFi suite stack it's APY with the Staking APY?

  6. Hey mate! Many thanks for all your vidz on liquid staking on Fantom. Short questions if I may ask:
    -Does it make sense to lock both sFTM & wFTM to mint fUSD, or is it better to go full sFTM to help secure the network? Any interest in locking wFTM?
    -Am I correct to consider minting akin of shorting the asset you are minting, so you only mint what you believe will loose value to FTM?
    Many thanks again. I've been using fantom for some days now & I'm loving it. I have no doubt it's a game changer to the Dex experience!

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