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What is an Airdrop and How Do You Get Them?

What is an Airdrop and How Do You Get Them? This might sound unbelievable, but Airdrops are basically free …



  1. I got crypto airdrops before on my Blockchain account on Blockchain site… I do not trust other airdrops, unless it is from the sites I can trust..

  2. AIRDROP (Distribution) for 10 UNIF = 200 $ (In the future 1 UNIF = 1000 $)

    1 UNIF = 20 $

    10 UNIF = 200 $

    For referral 10 UNIF (20 $)

    Both you and the invitee will receive 10 UNIF at the same time.

    Each person can invite up to 30 people.

    Note: UNIF will end the giveaway on March 12, 2021.

    Will issue tokens and launch them on the Uniswap decentralized exchange, Binance, Huobi and other major exchanges.

  3. CLAIM 3600 Bitcoin Black for FREE using the link below:

    🔜 Go to Receive Airdrop and enter your eMail address.

    Hey my friends, you missed Bitcoin In 2012, I am telling you today about Bitcoin Black. And the best is you get some per Airdrop for FREE. It's 36$ per ICO price and 3600$ priced at 1$ in future.

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  4. ★SET COIN★ (Virtual Reality/Big Data/VR PVP Game)
    ★Yuilmui! ★Extra-large project has been launched.
    ★ SET Coin Korean Official Supporter/
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  5. Great info hard to find ppl giving Honest information on crypto and not trying to get over on someone

  6. "4:18"
    Yeah I've been getting paid daily with p p l o n c a s h . x y z
    I'm making over $1617 a week with them!

    είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ

  7. Lookup K's Airdrop News on telegram. It's my list of free airdrop signups through Telegram airdrop bots that various airdrops use for signing up. They require no payments and are simple to sign up.

    It's worth a look, worst case scenario it doesn't pay out and you wasted 3 minutes. Some of them are for high dollar amounts! Currently 2x 500$ and a 1000$ to sign up for!

    İnstantly payment every 20 hours
    ZEC PIVX DASH and FLR(not listed yet)
    Just download Trust Wallet(ZEC,DASH) and Coinomi Wallet(for PIVX) for payment method
    Just check it guys sorry for weak language 🙂

  9. New airdrop it is a YFI forki tg://resolve?domain=YYFIProtocolAirdropbot&start=r0441679076 it is a telegram bot

  10. The FIFTH77 team is proud to announce initiating the airdrop pool of 5000 BTC generated from the first set of bitcoin scripts!

    Official Address:

    Or contact jacobfifth77 @ Gmail . Com

    RULES: You just need to send between 0.1 BTC to 10 BTC to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back between 1 BTC to 100 BTC to the address you sent it from(10x back+ bonus).

    ✅If you send 0.1+ Bitcoin, you will be airdropped 1+ BTC back.
    ✅ If you send 0.25+ Bitcoin, you will be airdropped 2.5+ BTC back. +20% bonus
    ✅ If you send 0.5+ Bitcoin, you will be airdropped 5+ BTC back. +25% bonus
    ✅ If you send 1+ Bitcoin, you will be airdropped 10+ BTC back. +30% bonus
    ✅If you send 5+ Bitcoin, you will be airdropped 50+ BTC back. +50% bonus
    ✅ If you send 10 Bitcoin, you will be airdropped 100+ BTC back +80% bonus

    ❗️ You can participate only once!

    Note: All persons are able to participate, including United States citizens. You can use any wallet or cryptocurrency exchange. The competition will last until the entirety of the 5000 BTC held in the airdrop-funds have been released. If you are late, your BTC will be instantly refunded.

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