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What is an ERC20 Wallet | ERC-20 Token | MyEtherWallet + Metamask

What is an ERC20 Wallet | ERC-20 Token | MyEtherWallet + Metamask Plugin Blog post Soon – In this video I talk about what is …



  1. Any questions or have any comments let me know below and SHARE if you think this will help others

  2. BINANCE had to repeatedly stop the withdrawal of all altcoins using the ERC-20 infrastructure, including Ethereum, due to congestion and density in ERC-20 networks. Because the ERC-20 can no longer respond to the need with a processing speed of only 15 per second and causes congestion …

    Only way…

    The network that can meet the need of cryptocurrencies in the transfer speed and can meet the needs of the fast developing world in crypto is the myDexChain network with a (expandable) 4 million transaction speed per second. 👏👏👏

    The MyDexChain (transfer) network is the most advanced and peak point produced by the latest technology.

  3. Great vid…newbie…..I have DOS token icon added to my Metamask…but not sure if ERC20 token. I want to send my DOS tokens from Bitmax to my DOS Metamask….but not sure how since you can only send. You can't send anything to the tokens in the Metamask, can you? ……only ETH?……….not sure what to do. If I send from Bitmax to the Metamask DOS contract address, they might not show up in my Metamask DOS wallet. ……really appreciate you helping out….just trying to not lose my tokens….lol. Or should I transfer my DOS to USDT on Bitmax……..then to ETH….then to Metamask and then uniswap to DOS in my Metamask? … getting confusing. I tried sending to an contract address before on my Metamask….now unable to show in Metamask….lost…..unsure how to retrieve the funds. Thanks

  4. After I get my erc20 tokens to the wallet, how do I use them.? What can I use them for. Helppppp. Ha

  5. guys new erc 20 token titaniumbtc(TBTC) in @t and in exchange @t pair available so buy and hold for future

  6. Can you do YouTube video, using METAMASK, on how to move/transfer/deploy an ERC20 token developed on the ROPSTEN TEST NETWORK to the MAIN ETHEREUM NETWORK?

  7. Can you do YouTube video, using METAMASK, on how to move/transfer/deploy an ERC20 token developed on the ROPSTEN TEST NETWORK to the MAIN ETHEREUM NETWORK?

  8. Guys, please do your own study before dealing with businesses associated with Consensys & Lubin.
    I have doubts about the company related to Consensys , MetaMask one of them

  9. Guys check the recent past history before dealing with Joseph Lubin, Consensys and business associated with them.

  10. For somebody new to crypto this was as clear as mud, compounded by somebody doing the 100 yard sprint. Just wasted 9 mins

  11. I manage my ERC-20 tokens in a non-custodial Atomic Wallet 🚀 It's a multi-asset universal wallet supports all the top blockchains and custom token feture, so I got all I need in one secure interface

  12. hi Sir can I ask ? is MetaMask independent Ethereum wallet ??? I mean can I store-receive-send Ethereum without any third party website like MyEtherwallet ???

  13. One question, please: If I want to create a second token (add token), is this even possible without puttig that in, what you have shown here only by transfer of the ERC20Token to MetaMask or has it to be done (ask, because you said, that it would be able to make a difference itself between incoming ETH and ERC20Token)

  14. pretty fast how do I send token from meta to ledger have different token on meta mask when I click the token etherscan comes up dont want to mess up can u help me do I have to create separate account for each token im very new at crypto

  15. So when sending token from mew/metamask to an exchange, the address I am sending to is my ether address on that exchange?

  16. can you please help me, i have many alt coins like Dragonchain, Vechain, HPB, NANO, BTC etc but i heard Ledger Nano S doesnt store most of the alt coins i have, so whats the point on buying Ledger Nano S? i want to back up my long term alt coins but i dont know how to do it. i dont want paper wallets as it seems difficult and i dont want to store them online wallets. I am new so i would need easiest way to do it user friendly, thanks

  17. Being connected with MetaMask opens the possibility to work safe with my Ether wallet and this one is locked up after being logged out from MetaMask?

  18. Very well done my friend…you covered many topics myself and other many others wanted answers to. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us newbies here. We truly appreciate people like you who are willing to take the time and effort to do this. Thank you again my friend.

  19. Near impossible, I've been looking for a way to store my tokens and sincerely this is the 10th video and I still have no idea on how to do it, no one explains the reason why to do it, the process of each step, people just say " go here an here and click this and it will be there" BUT WHY?????

  20. "Loose" does not delete the wallet… it is telling you that it is an "imported" account.
    When you first create your MetaMask account you get 12 "seed" words that it uses to generate addresses (wallets) for you.
    If you need to recover your account for any reason at anytime then you will need to use the seeds to do so…
    BUT accounts that you import were NOT generated using these seeds and THAT means that they will NOT be recovered.

  21. what can you say about the Equal Token (EQL) ??
    already on coinmarketcap, I think it's a good project.
    thank you

  22. Should be a very good video, if you could slow down! 😉
    Not everybody speak English so well, and anyway for what is this run? 🙂
    Thanks 4 the video !

  23. why the private key (hidden) does not not show on the myetherwallet when you sync with MetaMask ?

  24. First time using Metamask. I'm worried I've added scam token contract addresses from Etherscan to my Metamask profile. And I've sent that same profile's address to a ICO with same name. they have not yet added their token on Etherscan so will the fake tokens I have in my profile be a problem at all when I receive the ETH or ERC-20 from them in my Metamask wallet? I can't delete them and getting them to change address can be a hassle. And also, If I want to receive ETH/ERC-20 from another ICO around the same time do I have to make a new profile?

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