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Welcome to Crypto Anxiety Today we are taking a deep dive review and analysis into #Chia and #ChiaNetwork. This is an incredibly ambitious project with an …



  1. investing in crypto now is really cool especially with the current rise in the market for now…….

  2. hey can we plot chia coin on powerful pc and move the HDD to small sloww mini pc and let it farm..would that work?

  3. I'm all in but I do need some head knowledge to make the most of my farm. I have questions but few places to get answers. The KeyBase is good put I feel like an idiot even asking questions and then often the people answering talk in Linux and I'm a Windows guys. LOL

  4. So awesome. No bs. Direct to the point. Best Chia vid so far
    FYI. I'm gonna keep pumping your Chia vids.

  5. if anyone gets into this coin, you first have to surive the crash, the dev's hold 21m coins in reserve and coud dump, but chia is growing fast almost 1.8 billion terrabytes of power atm and that means aalot of money is tied up in this coin, if you can survive the crash and not sell out or bail you could see a nice investmint in 3-5 years.

  6. I am 300tb in two weeks and then plotting. Wonder if i get roi but damn what a good project. Looking out for the price of chia.

  7. Was waiting for a video like this, too many nerds and prefarm/Chinese worries… And I'm more about, well the team is legit… they build this purposely for real functionality and to go public, which generally means they are expecting alot of cash flow if they want to raise eyebrows. Keep hearing the words government contracts/swift/cross border, whichever one they hit means Chia publicly trading will start minimum $10 bill imo.

  8. Wait till you discover Chialisp, then you'll really like Chia. The consensus mechanism is just about who can do it cheaper.

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