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What is fMint? How to mint synthetic tokens on fWallet? #fantom #ftm #fwallet #fMint

Basic explanation of minting process and fmint. This is not an investing advice. Always do your own research before blaming others. I would be happy to answer …



  1. Unless I am missing something, if the price of FTM doubles then you have to pay double the fUSD to get back your sFTM in order to unlock your FTM. Is that correct?

  2. Hello, thanks for the video and also the example quoted below. By the way, will I lose my money / FTM, in case the price drops? If you don't mind, please also quote with an example. Thanks so much !

  3. can i mint sftm from different validator? cause i’m staking from 3 different validator.

  4. Thank you very much to take the time and make these videos.

    I would like to dive into the point of 'why' you do what you do, in your video. Would you, or anybody else, please let me know if I understood this point:

    The aim is to make profit (additional to staking rewards) by swapping fUSD (on Fantom Uniswap) into an asset that will go up in USD price. And because at the moment, there is only one trading pair (fUSD-wFTM), the only option is wFTM.

    So it is a real shame that not more trading pairs are available. And I think I found out why there are no people willing to provide liquidity:

    To provide liquidity one needs to obtain the asset other than fUSD in the 'Mint Synths' page first. However for as long as the liquidity provider owns that fasset, he/she would be exposed to negative price performance (if the price of fBAND, fBNB etc) goes up, he/she 'loose' as dept increases with that much.

    I would really welcome any thoughts/comments.

  5. Thanks for this video cuz this fwallet is so confusing. Please do more videos on this fwallet.

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