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What is Holochain? HOT-HOLOFUEL #HOT

Blockchain can handle transactions significantly faster than conventional methods. In some cases, blockchain can handle a transaction in seconds or less. However, blockchain technology is not free from criticism. Current blockchain networks, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum suffer from scalability issues and require large amounts of energy for operation.

Of course developers are experimenting with new ways to secure public blockchain networks while significantly reducing energy costs, making them cheaper, faster, and more scalable for business purposes.

We will analyse a blockchain which can be the solution of traditional decentralized structures’ high carbon emissions footprint in this video


Holochain is an open source framework for building fully distributed, peer-to-peer applications. It provides foundational technology to allow people to connect with one another, with a choice of what data they share.

Holochain is not a blockchain. On a blockchain, every node on a network maintains the same state of the entire network. Holochain is an energy-efficient ledger system that is agent-centric. This means that each agent can have a copy of the secure ledger and act independently. It can also interact with other network devices and provide a fully scalable distributed ledger solution.

On Holochain, each node maintains its own history in a personal, cryptographically tamper-proof chain. Holochain eliminates the need for all nodes to be synchronized with each other in global consensus.

Distributed Hash Tables are implemented on Holochain to create shared public space. Each node carries some of the distributed data so that if a node goes offline, its data isn’t lost to the network. This is configurable for each app’s use-case.



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