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The number of cryptocurrency exchanges that has SAFEMOON tokens listed is increasing day by day. In this video, I’ll be sharing where to buy SAFEMOON …



  1. I love you!!! I had to watch this video a couples time, but I got it! ???

    Now let’s go to the moon!!! ???

  2. And are Pre-paid debt cards accepted as payment in US.
    If so can you advise on which are great.
    The credit and debit cards im using dont work internationally.

  3. I had a question on trust wallet when i put 100percent on swap BNB TO SMARTCHAIN it always tells me not enuf to BNB to pay fees then i have to put it on 75% and i have to keep doing that. Some advice would be great…. keep up the great work.. GOD BLESS??

  4. I started to watch this coin but now i starting to feel this safemoon is a pump and dump? where is the pump? i only see dumping now. look like the pump is already over and gone forever?

  5. When I swap 100% it’s says I don’t have enough BNB (BNB) to cover network fees ($2.64), but I have $268.78 in the wallet… what do I do?

  6. I bought $150 worth of binance in trust wallet and it took $15 from me. Why did they take so much??

  7. Hi Cora,
    Hope you doing great.
    Last day I bought safe moon through watching your videos and it was so easy to buy it but why the coin fluctuate.

  8. Could you research rogecoin please ?
    Seems to be rising today & heard it discussed several times.
    Thank you ? ?

  9. I enjoy your videos, thanks for the details and professionalism. Hoping for a video on TELcoin they have great project and potential.

  10. i have problem i have 0 bnb smartchain and i cant swap safemoon to BNB becouse it need some bnb fee what i have to do please? i dont wanna buy bnb (trust wallet)

  11. My transaction aren’t going through I keep trying and simplex is telling me no crypto they work with can process my transaction

  12. Eu comprei um monte de safemoon, se você ainda não comprou, você pode nunca vê-lo novamente a este preço. Safemoon vai evoluir muito e já provou que não é um golpe

  13. Hey cora! Check out spore finance, worth a video on showing people how to purchase using trust wallet/pancake swap. Spore website only lists pangolin website to purchase so its a little confusing. Ps get in early, even if its £20 i got 42 billion units!

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