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Where to stake #EGLD and #LKMEX for #METABONDING rewards | #Elrond #Crypto

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In this short, we will show you where to stake #EGLD and #LKMEX to be eligible for #METABONDING rewards.

EGLD stake does not change, so if you’re already staking with a Staking Provider or in legacy, you’re already eligible for metabonding rewards!

Locked MEX needs to be staked on in its special metabonding stake. Only LKMEX staked there counts for metabonding rewads. LKMEX staked in farms, such as the MEX farm or the EGLD-MEX LP farm, does not count for metabonding.

โš ๏ธ Never show your Secret Phrase to anyone, it is the key to your wallet. Back it up and keep it safe.

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We are your partner for simplified staking on the Elrond Blockchain.

Carpathian Stake is a team of experienced developers and blockchain enthusiasts who develop decentralized applications and passionately believe that staking should be simple.

By focusing only on the Elrond blockchain we aim to be go-to partner for eGLD staking.

No technical skills, no servers. No problem.



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