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Why I Bought POLYGON Price Prediction (2021) – Polygon MATIC Coin – MATIC Crypto Price News Today

The polygon matic solution to high gas fees and speed. I think this is an awesome problem and is important to the future of defi and the financial space in …



  1. Telos TLOS ($60M) vs Polygon MATIC ($10B)

    Telos is 440% faster
    Telos has 40% more capacity
    Telos has No Front Running!

  2. I bought MATIC around September 😬thank g..d I’m still hold it I bought for 800$ now I have 100K 😬still hold stong💪…..great video for a newbie dude, keep it up man💪💪💪

  3. I’m no pro, but this one strikes me as a solution in search of a problem. I’d rather stick with Ethereum

  4. Witness TimeStope : darendeli

    Witness GeoCash : DARENDELI_CLIXZZ

    Witness Pi Network : DeliKripto

    Witness Bee Network : darendelii

    Witness Ant Network : hamit_ugurlu

    Witness Eagle Network : darendeli

    Witness Phoneum : 9m1h3xw5

    Witness Midoin : hamit

    Witness Spotter : darendeli

    Witness Sperax Play : darenn

    Witness FIREFLY: darendeli


  5. Pretty good for little exposure. I would say to stay away from thinking that eth is slow and more that it is just congested. It is suffering from too much success is a better way to think about it then that it is dial up lol.

  6. Maybe if you don't know the space maybe you shouldn't be making content on crypto but polygon is probably the best buy of the year I've been holding it for a while chain-link is also another good one

  7. It definitely does and so much that I took half my Bitcoin to put in to it . It’s a sure thing ☺️

  8. I need more people to look into alternatives like (Harmony) $one, and others we could get more gains because MATIC is actually gone right now.

  9. Dude you have done so much to explaining the vital use of Matic and it scalability for ETH. This is going to daze the imagination of world

  10. For now MATIC (POLYGON) is the best investment. Very Strong Fundamentals and very solid Pumpamentals makes it most lucrative investment. Buying MATIC this dip will be most profitable investment. What more can you say about a Project like Polygon which single handedly bears the load of making Ethereum scalable and highly efficient.

  11. matic 5x would make it n3 and 20x would make it bigger than eth , too much risk at this prices and upside is so limited

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