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Will Bitcoin Dump then Pump?! Trader Explains | BAND Price Analysis | Bitcoin NEWS Today 🏮

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    Mango Daily Intro & Announcements 0:00

    BTC/USD Weekly Analysis 03:49

    BTC/USD 1D Analysis 07:47

    BTC/USD 4 Hr Analysis 09:00

    Mango Educational Nugget 10:57

    BTC 4-Day Analysis 13:05

    Bitcoin Targets Today 17:10

    BAND/USDT 18:54

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  2. Love your exposition at the 6 min mark forward, this information should be spreaded further. I find myself guilty of checking the price at least once a day, and why? Because the volatility of the crypto market has given me that false hope of turning a few thousand fiat in a random asset into millions in a matter of days, even if the likelihood is very low. It really isn't that different from playing the Bandit machine. I also think easy access to leverage has given birth to a generation of broke gambling addicts, working crappy jobs to pay their student tuition and loans from their wive's boyfriends in order to trade shiba coins. TA youtubers with referal links to leverage platforms is one of those things that should be regulated. The cryptocurrency ecosystem is highly volatile, therefore, making it very diverse and versatile in nature. Experience does come in handy, It’s either you are good and experienced at trαding and if not, they are quite a lot of services offering signals so you don’t gamble away your assets, to the best of my knowledge, being that I have employed the services of tons of signal providers ,Thomas Fuller remains the best I work with, he is a well-seasoned trαder who has proven his worth, at least to me as l have made over 10 btc trαding his signals. Thomas (ͲҽӀҽGᖇᗩᗰ: @Fullertrades) is very adept in TA and FA as well as analyzing the markets in such a manner that other top traders should emulate

  3. The coin you need to cover is perhaps the coin you don't know kattana ktn absolutely easy 10 X gem 💎💎💎 on the low end

  4. bitcoin not going to 20k even 25k those youtubers hypeup bitcoin goes to 100k when bitcoin at 64k now everything goes wrong they predict it lowest price that it can go. whales not let retails invests to buy bitcoin at the dip. how people make money if every one do same thing.? be smart. you don;t make money in crypto you take someone else money.

  5. Another wonderful breakdown! Hard to have a bad day when it starts with coffee and a mango vid. Thanks for all the wonderful analysis.
    We got called out so I guess we better represent…..
    1 vote for Ada here!

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