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Will Bitcoin Go Back Up?! | Solana Price Prediction | Bitcoin NEWS Today | June 2021 🏮

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  1. Awesome Analysis guys!! You are a rarity in this space giving unbiased technical analysis plus mindset and process. Love this new duo format. Videos are more lively now.

  2. Super awesome vid! Glad to be part of the Mango Community! The future looks bright with you two leading the way.

  3. This honestly has been looking like a classic Wyckoff accumulation period rather than a symmetrical triangle. I've been a Wyckoff skeptic my whole crypto trading career, but this past month has changed my mind.

  4. Hi, i am new in the market. Can you please explain me why the scenario of a bear market is off even though yesterday it was a high probability,?

  5. Totally agree just like when btc ran up and smashed the 6k mark like butter when everyone thought it would be a hard area to break!! I think we are in for a monster move very soon!! 😇🤑

  6. Heads up to all those that don't understand that the USA doesn't have free press any longer, hasn't since Bill Clinton deregulated the communication industry. If the hackers that got Bitcoin for their ransomware gave up their private keys to the FBI then they are the dumbest hackers in the world. Since you have to have a certain amount of intelligence and are always trying to get private keys from crypto holders as a hacker, I doubt this actually happened. Elon Musk cant make the whole crypto market tank with a tweet. The favorite is governments cracking down on crypto. If you pay attention to the regulations and tax laws from governments around the world as Michael Saylor did then you would understand its pure FUD. Watch what they do, don't listen to what they say. Stay strong and HODL on!!!!

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