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Go to right now! SACRIFICE SOON! Here comes the LARGEST AIRDROP in history! World’s LARGEST AIRDROP TESTNET is NOW LIVE! shares went up 10,000x in price #PulseChain dot com is amazing. HEX dot com is amazing. Go there now! Seriously. Actually go there right now!


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How my gold, platinum diamond and sapphire HEX pendant was made:

My $2.6 million dollars of watches:
ROLEX GMT-Master II yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Flawless diamonds factory set by Rolex.
$671,000 Richard Mille McLaren rm11-03
$245,000 Rolex Daytona Platinum pave diamond dial 116506
$244,000 GMT-Master II Rose gold 126755SARU
$170,800 Rolex GMT-Master II 116759SA
$153,954 Patek 5980
$142,170 Rolex GMT-Master II 116758SA
$136,000 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Rose gold 44mm
$102,408 Patek Philippe Nautilus 5726/1A-010
$84,597 Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26067BC.ZZ.D002CR.01
$83,964 Rolex Daytona 116589RBR
$70,150 Rolex Daytona 116509 White Gold diamond dial
$65,000 Rolex Day-Date 40 Presidential Yellow Gold Diamond bezel.
$54,900 Rolex Yacht-master 40mm diamond dial Oysterflex band ref: 126655
$19,420 Rolex Daytona Zenith two tone black ref. 16523
$12,001 Rolex Submariner two tone blue ref. 16613
Total: $2,605,365
Car $300k: Ferrari Roma.

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:54 World’s Largest Airdrop Coming Soon!
0:03:06 Free Money Exists In Crypto
0:04:25 No Inflation In PulseChain and PulseX
0:05:13 PLSX Sacrifice Soon!
0:05:48 T .me/HEXcrypto vs T .me/PulseChainCom vs T .me/PulseXcom
0:07:01 Compliments
0:07:39 Sacrifice End Rate Change
0:08:55 Sacrificing Early Is Best
0:09:03 5 RH Coins Soon
0:09:25 Compliment
0:09:58 RH Called The BTC Top…Again
0:11:49 Bear and Duck / No Cursing
0:12:12 Compliment
0:12:28 LPs Will Get Harvested By Fixer Bot / Not Telling The Exact Time of Fork
0:15:09 Compliment
0:15:24 Coins You Can Sacrifice
0:15:54 Necklace Cost
0:16:11 PulseChain VS PulseX
0:16:21 PulseX Single Staking Will Be Decided By DAO
0:16:56 Clothing Costs
0:18:09 LV Airplane Bag
0:18:52 PulsePad Has Nothing To Do w/ RH
0:19:23 PulseX’s Sacrifice Will Be Like PulseChain’s
0:19:57 Best ERC-20 To Hold
0:20:02 Not Missing PLSX
0:20:13 CBDCs Will Benefit Crypto
0:20:38 PulseChain VS Cardano, Avalanche, Solana
0:21:41 Fake Humility
0:22:47 Spinning The Watches / Complements
0:25:23 Sacrifice Is Based On USD Value
0:25:23 For Sacrifice Details
0:26:05 BTC to 11K
0:26:40 El Salvador Only Buying 1M of BTC Makes News?
0:27:25 Chinese Medicine
0:27:40 PulseChain and PulseX Will Launch Together
0:27:43 Streaming On Youtube
0:28:06 PulseX Single Staking Will Be Decided By DAO
0:28:19 PulseX Sacrifice Will Happen Before The Fork
0:29:35 RH’s Price Predictions
0:31:29 How To Sacrifice Video Tutorial ( ) /
0:31:55 Probably No Charity Donations
0:32:58 Workout Routine
0:33:12 Send Resume To RH
0:33:51 King Of Crypto / New Earring
0:34:10 PulseX Supply
0:34:39 No PulseX Sacrifice Limit
0:34:47 How To Buy PLS At Launch
0:35:05 Tone Vays Destroyed
0:35:17 NFT Criticism
0:37:47 HEX Holder Begging / RH Knows Best
0:42:28 Ethereum Fees VS PulseChain Airdrop
0:43:05 Impossible Question / 10,000X Designs
0:43:55 HEX Community / Compliments
0:44:37 Based RH
0:44:42 More Begging
0:45:34 HEX Is More Secure Than BTC, ETH, and Everything Else
0:47:59 Lending Projects
0:48:59 RH Projects Are De-Correlated
0:49:33 How To Sacrifice Video Tutorial ( ) /
0:50:29 T .me/HEXcrypto, T .me/PulseChainCom, and  T .me/PulseXcom
0:51:03 Comment Section
0:51:51 Testnet V2
0:51:58 Based RH
0:52:07 Sacrifice Phase Time Length
0:53:02 BTC Dump?
0:53:40 Sacrificing When All Your HEX Is Staked
0:54:08 PulseX Incentive Token VS UNI Token
0:55:04 Incentive Token Unnamed Still
0:55:10 Who Has More Accurate Price Calls Than RH? ( )
0:56:00 PulseX Sacrifice Start Dates
0:56:34 Price of Token At Sacrifice Matters
0:56:50 Bring Mr. Beast To RH
0:57:12 Girls
0:57:25 Sending From Exchange
0:58:51 Watch Winders
0:58:26 Memos
0:59:11 Buy and Burn Simply Explained
1:04:57 RH’s Price Predictions /
1:06:19 Funny Meme
1:06:49 PulseChain Mainnet Is Roughly 2 Months Out
1:07:55 You Need Viewership To Interview RH
1:08:04 Good Accounting Function
1:09:04 Function For Auto-Compounding HEX On L2?
1:09:30 Gratitude
1:09:59 Favorite Tacos
1:10:40 No Admin Keys In PulseChain
1:11:16 T .me/PulseXcom
1:11:27 Matcha On PulseChain?
1:11:41 eHEX Price VS HEX Price
1:12:01 More Timestamps In The Comment Section!



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