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FED WILL DISCUSS XRP INTEGRATION THIS WEEK With technology platforms introducing digital private money into the U.S. payments system, and foreign …



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  6. Are you implying that XRP may be considered as digital dollar currency? Would this mean the price may be mirroring the dollar, like usdt, usdc?

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  10. I would argue that it won't be a couple years…I believe that everything has already been set up behind the scenes and at some point in the near future they will flip the switch. Overnight our world will be changing. This will not happen gradually. We'll go to bed at night and XRP is $12. In the morning it will be $2700. All central banks are already signed up All around the world. Change is imminent.

  11. The world is gradually moving out of the, I work for my boss era and people who choose to be entrepreneurs are securing a brighter future for themselves,

  12. Do not stop investing or start selling your crypto coin because of the dip cause it's an opportunity for you to buy more coin and invest more cause it will be like an explosion in the rise of Bitcoin now

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