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  1. <X'R'P saw buying at $1.31 and while this did push it up the charts, buyers were unable to topple $1.75 resistance. This led to some bearish pressure and while the 20-SMA and 50-SMA offered some support, there was a chance of a further breakdown. Awesome Oscillator noted the said bearish pressure and a move below the half-line could indeed lead to an unfavorable outcome. Tradlng volumes across exchanges showed muted activity and a pr!ce hike was off the table at least over the coming sessions. Instead, focus would be on different support lines. A southbound move from $1.53 support would see X'R'P head towards another defensive line at $1.45. Another strong region of support resided at $1.31 and around the 200-SMA. OBV has been on a steady uptrend since late April and buying pressure would likely counter any move below the long-term moving average. I have used services from many s!gnal providers, but Edward James stands out with experience and expertise playing in his favor. I must confess it wasn't an easy task to learning the routes on tradlng but with the assistance of Edward it was easier to understand. Bryant is an expert trader and finance journalist and you can find his free courses on tradlng on google which comes in handy as an !nvestor and he can be reached on *?ℯℓℯ???ℳ☞ [@Edwardjames022] for his assistance on strictly crypt0 related concerns.>>

  2. Always appreciate the research you do for us all.. helps so much.. would not know where to look for credible news in crypto.. love your channel! What you think about the Shiba inu token and it’s future ? Been hearing a lot about it lately

  3. Thats some bullshit…how the fuck do these emerging markets get instant settlements but I still have to wait 3-5 days to send or receive anything.

  4. Nothing makes me happier than stuffing my bag, love the show.. there are so many tokens I'd like to get but in the end its almost always xrp. Is it just me? Diamond hands. Never selling, hodl.

  5. Some US banks and wealthy players are sure desperate to stop the XRP Express Train…..Ain't gonna happen. They've tried by releasing FUD in the news, they're bought journalists, writers trash pieces etc for years. Tried using they're buddies in Gov positions to slow them down and even bring lawsuit….

    News Flash ! You ain't stopping this train…Get on board or get ran over !

  6. Boss Garlinghouse said get your bags and board mothership #589, I got my ticket. moon commander about to turn those turbines on, strap up we are going parabolic ?

  7. Notice how they do not list XRP on that list on the CNBC news network. They instead list Ripple. They listed all the other crypto currencies correctly. This was on purpose.

  8. Fuck man that Ripple company has only begun the XRP bull run will last for years and the SEC lost. My family lawyer has been following the Ripple case and he tells me they will settle because really there are no other options left

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