Acardex Unveils the Demo of its Proposed Decentralized Exchange on Cardano

Acardex Unveils the Demo of its Proposed Decentralized Exchange on Cardano


Acardex, one of the first decentralized exchanges based on the Cardano blockchain, has released a demo for their DEX. When the project is finished, it will solve Cardano’s concurrency problem by allowing many transactions to be executed at the same time.

The Acardex Swap demo version of our DEX has been released to the public through our social media channels.

This significant achievement by the Acardex team is vital for the entire blockchain sector, and it may become the top choice DEX on the Cardano blockchain. With the public launch approaching, we anticipate a huge increase in activity in the following weeks and months. We’ll share more information on many of the features we expect to launch in the coming months, as well as critical updates on the company’s roadmap and the continued evolution of the technology stack.

Acardex Unveils the Demo of its Proposed Decentralized Exchange on Cardano

Acardex achievements so far


The Acardex Labs has achieved a lot of feats in the past few days which includes distribution of ACX tokens to seed buyers, security audit on Acardex project, the launch of Acardex dex demo, and other new updates which will be announced in due time.

The development team also started building the components for the swap interface which will initially be able to swap between our token ACX to ADA and vice-versa.

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ACX token seed-sale

– 1 ACX = 0.00125 ADA

– 1 ADA = 800 ACX

– Seed Supply: 150,000,000 ACX

– Minimum Buy: 300 ADA

– Maximum Buy: 30,000 ADA


To participate in the On Going Seed-Sale, users should only use Cardano native wallets like Yoroi Wallet, Daedalus Wallet, Nami Wallet or Adalite Wallet.

A comprehensive guide on how to participate in the ongoing ACX Seed-Sale event is available on our Token Sale Page, users can only participate in the Seed-Sale via our



About Acardex Project

Acardex is a crypto project built on Cardano that attempts to create a decentralized exchange powered by the AMM protocol. Its goal is to create a platform with extremely low rates and the ability to conduct cross-border transactions quickly.


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Company Contact


Contact Name: Acardex

Contact Email: [email protected]

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