Envelop Presents NFT2.0 Aggregator

Envelop Presents NFT2.0 Aggregator

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What is NFT2.0 Aggregator?

NFT 2.0 is the most important element of the programmable assets market. NFT 2.0 is a part of Web 3.0, which is related to such areas as GameFi, TradeFi, DeFi 2.0, SocialFi and others.

Envelop has gathered all of the industry’s projects into a single pool and called it the NFT 2.0 aggregator. This includes projects that create or use:

  • dNFTs (dynamic NFTs),
  • xNFT (executable NFTs),
  • wNFTs (wrapped NFTs),
  • finNFT (financial NFTs),
  • fracNFT (fractional NFTs),
  • SBT (soulbound tokens),
  • walletNFT (account bound tokens)
  • cNFTs (community NFTs)
  • and others

Different types and kinds of NFTs can overlap; for example, dNFTs and fNFTs can be built on top of wNFTs.
The aggregator is launched with basic functionality and is constantly updated.

You can also find digests about the non-fungible token industry: its challenges, key metrics, and outlook at

Recently, a book has been published in which you can find not only the history of NFT evolution but also examples of applications and instructions for creating NFT2.0.

Why Use NFT2.0?

  • To have a competitive advantage in a newly emerging industry
  • To learn innovative ways of working with programmable assets
  • To create your own indices, derivatives, startups
  • For ticketing, subscription, content access via NFT2.0 and increase audience loyalty with programmable gifts
  • For revenue sharing with on-chain multi-royalty
  • To use a new way of monetizing your web3.0 project via skill token. This approach gives to game issuers a new level of on-chain tokenization to provide maximum transparency
  • For ability to upgrade the reputation inside SBT via dropping reputation level/gradeERC-20 tokens inside, when the SBT holder has achieved or executed some useful activity for his community
  • To create vesting contract for fundraise
  • For non-pledge rental with automated on-chain revenue sharing
  • For bridgeless crosschain transfers
  • To create NFTs, self-paying their decentralized storage

What’s Next?

The following features are planned to be added

  • Integration with socials
  • Infographics
  • Project integrations
  • Localization
  • Project statistics such as TVL, etc.
  • To add your project, fill in the form.

About Envelop

Envelop is the NFT2.0 protocol for creating programmable assets. The Envelop project operates and evolves in the form of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with more than 1000 dao-members and backed by +20 VCs. +20 product use cases based on Envelop protocol have been discovered, +10 products and 5 innovations have been delivered for DeFi, GameFi, VCs and Growth Hack to the Web3.0 market since 2020.

Envelop is a collateral-backed and price discovery cross-chain protocol to provide NFT with inner value and liquidity. This will lead Envelop further to creation of secured decentralized derivatives.

Envelop consists of three parts:

1) Protocol to add the crypto assets new functionality (collateral, on-chain royalties, rental mechanism, time/value/event-locks)
2) Oracle to score the collateral and assess the quality of assets inside NFTs;
3) Index to hedge the position to the whole NFT market — becomes one of the first decentralized and collateralized simultaneously market indices for NFT and related assets.


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