Aethir Completes $150M Valuation Pre-A Funding Round

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Singapore-based Aethir has completed its Pre-A funding round, raising over $9 million, with its valuation reaching $150 million, the company announced on July 27 to Crypto Briefing. Aethir, a frontrunner in decentralized cloud infrastructure, saw participation from notable global investors including Sanctor Capital, Hashkey and Merit Circle.

Since its foundation in 2021, Aethir has emerged as a disruptor in the cloud infrastructure sector, catering to a diverse clientele, from multinational enterprises to burgeoning gaming studios and AI firms. This funding round is set to expedite Aethir’s growth in key global markets in South East Asia, Latin America, and North America while enhancing its decentralized cloud infrastructure.

Aethir plans to offer a Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network (DePIN) service that caters to the exacting demands of enterprise-grade gaming and AI applications. Moreover, the future aims to help companies deliver their products directly to consumers through its scalable, decentralized cloud infrastructure.

This successful funding round follows a previous Seed round led by Framework Ventures and Infinity Ventures Crypto

Mark Rydon, Co-founder and CEO of Aethir discussed the challenges that the cloud sector has traditionally faced. “We’re addressing the cloud scalability challenge. Our DCI network can scale complex cloud infrastructure services globally, unlocking potential value for our customers.”

This successful funding round follows a previous Seed round led by Framework Ventures and Infinity Ventures Crypto, solidifying the demand for Aethir’s solutions.

Arthur Hayes, chief investment officer of Maelstrom, highlighted Aethir’s role in the market, stating, “Aethir is expanding the addressable market for gaming and other streaming content in the world’s highest-growth markets.”

Some investors in Crypto Briefing are also investors in Sanctor Capital.

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