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Alphabet, Microsoft & Co.: Is Big Tech Returning Now?

For a long time, they brought investors hefty returns, but then the crash happened: Technology stocks fell dramatically with the interest rate turnaround last year. Companies reacted to falling profits with harsh job cuts.

But now things seem to be calming down in the sector: Last week, Alphabet, Microsoft and the Facebook group Meta, among others, presented their quarterly figures – and surprised the markets. The numbers were better than analysts had expected.

On the stock exchange, Big Tech’s recovery was also rewarded with price gains. But is this development sustainable? In the podcast, Theresa and Philipp talk about whether investors can really expect a trend reversal, what influences the further development of the shares – and why the situation with the big technology stocks affects almost everyone who is active on the stock exchange.

BörsenWoche 407: Analysis: Can Big Tech make a comeback?

BörsenWoche 407: Analysis

Can Big Tech make a comeback?

After a difficult year, the big tech companies managed to exceed investor expectations with their quarterly figures. But the euphoria should be treated with caution.

by Jan Lukas Schmitt

Disclaimer: This podcast is not investment advice, it is for information and entertainment purposes only. The hosts or the publisher assume no liability for investment decisions that you make based on the information heard in the podcast.

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