An Interview With Golden Inu’s Founder

Golden Inu has quickly become the topic of conversations entering the 2nd quarter of 2023.  The brand’s $Golden token outpaced all other memecoin cryptos in terms of ROI in June, and the brand is working on further expansion.

However, most traders might not realize other factors of Golden Inu and its crypto ecosystem:

First, it’s a DAO-structured ecosystem. The community will be able to elect leaders and have an influence on who’s hired to work on various aspects of the $Golden token-related projects.

Second, it’s the first crypto ecosystem to function from the use of two official tokens, one that’s BEP-20, and another of these two tokens is ERC-20. The brand coined the phrase “dual-blockchain ecosystem,” as this will allow users from both Ethereum-Blockchain and Binance-chain to use the Golden Inu ecosystem’s applications and games seamlessly.

Lastly, the founder of Golden Inu is known as “Golden Takeishi.” He’s verified on two crypto verification systems.  Professionally, he’s a technology whiz that was once a bag holder of Shiba Inu. That all changed at the end of 2022 after the $SHIB token creators failed to materialize plans that would make the token of long-term value.

That founder then decided to launch a token that would be transparent to traders and offer long-term value with constant crypto product development — and less talk.

CryptoPotato has gotten in touch with the founder to have an open dialogue about Golden Inu and provide answers to some of the traders’ biggest questions.


Why did you name this token “Golden Inu,” knowing many traders are wary of the Inu branding?

A: I understand the skepticism that surrounds Inu-branded tokens. The name ‘Golden Inu’ came to my mind from three things. First, I felt slighted by Shiba Inu and its failure to deliver on multiple promises. I felt they were like pirite, aka false gold. Shining bright from marketing, but in reality, it was false gold. Instead of calling the token the ‘Shiba Inu Killer” from frustrations, my goal became to take action.

Instead of thinking to ‘kill their brand’ I decided to make a token that’s really ‘Golden’ and will have long-term value and allow traders to have a prosperous cryptocurrency experience.

From there, I also thought of the ‘Golden Horde’ back in the 13th century and how ShibArmy mates could rebrand themselves into something new and get back some of their losses.

Our goal is to merge the infectious appeal of Inu tokens with robust, branded crypto technology and an effective economic model.   A model that ensures sustainable growth, utility, and passive income. We are confident that our actions will speak louder than the perceptions tied to our brand name.

Hence I started releasing applications before we finished our ERC-20 token’s presale to prove we have the team to produce apps and solutions for this evolving crypto world.

What makes Golden Inu’s $GOLDEN tokens better than your primary rival, Shiba Inu, and its $SHIB token?

A: While we respect what Shiba Inu has achieved, we believe that $GOLDEN tokens offer a more comprehensive proposition. Golden Inu is more than just two cool-looking meme tokens – we’re creating an entire ecosystem that includes gaming, e-commerce, DEX, and other crypto apps, all driven by our tokens.

Our approach is strategic and user-focused, designed to create sustainable growth and value for our token holders. Also, we will be providing opportunities.

One of my biggest goals is to change people’s lives.  I believe in the quote credited to Jeff Bezos about changing lives. If I can change crypto traders’ lives in a positive way with Golden Inu apps, I know my life will forever be Golden as well.

How many professionals are involved with the Golden Inu token and its development process?

A: Currently, our Golden Inu team consists of 12 professionals and 3 community members.

Each person has a unique set of skills and experiences. Every person in our teams is an expert in their very own fields, ranging from blockchain development and financial technology to marketing, design, and community management. Their collective efforts are integral to the ongoing development and growth of Golden Inu Token and our $GOLDEN tokens.

Why do you use two tokens for your ecosystem instead of launching your own blockchain and native coin?

A: Our strategy is to build on established and trusted blockchain platforms, which allows us to focus on creating engaging and innovative products. As much as everyone loves to think we can do it all ourselves, we can’t. Teamwork makes the dream work — I’ve learned from life experiences how true this quote is.

And the ecosystem is using two tokens based on Ethereum and BNB Chain to ensure compatibility and accessibility for a wide range of crypto users that have already integrated those brands into their lifestyles.

In the future, however, the possibility of launching our own blockchain is not ruled out completely.  Possibly once our ecosystem has matured and branding value and equity is maximized.

Why will the $Golden token have value long term? What reason is there to HODL?

A: The $GOLDEN token is designed for long-term value. Our ecosystem is continuously expanding with new products and services, all of which drive demand for the token.

Moreover, our focus on community engagement and rewarding loyal token holders further enhances the attractiveness of holding $GOLDEN tokens.

We’re not just creating a token, we’re building an economic model that will reward our investors/holders as we grow our ecosystem. The more volume and usage our ecosystem has, the more our holders will generate passive rewards from our project, and everything will be handled by the Golden Treasury smart contract.

Golden Inu’s play-to-earn game, $Golden Inuverse, is buzzing around the crypto gaming community.   It’s your first major crypto product release and has major upside potential.  When will it officially release & do you think this will have a positive impact on the $Golden [both] tokens values? 

A: We are planning for the official release of $Golden Inuverse in the fourth quarter of 2023. Given the growing trend of play-to-earn games and the excitement surrounding it, we believe this will positively impact the value of $GOLDEN tokens.

I encourage everyone to remember it’s more than just a game – it’s an opportunity for users to engage with our tokens in a fun and rewarding way.

And once our team has launched the Ecosystem’s marketplace, $Golden Bazaar,  people will be able to use our tokens for many things.

Golden Inu Roadmap. Source: Official Website

Will the BEP-20 or ERC-20 version of the $GOLDEN token be used for the game?

A: We designed $Golden Inuverse to be inclusive and accessible. Therefore, both the BEP-20 and ERC-20 versions of the $GOLDEN token will be utilized. Most of the intake transactions will use the BEP-20 token, though.
However, this flexibility of having 2 tokens will allow us to create special events for our ERC-20 holders. More info will come in due time.

What crypto product will be released next after the play-to-earn game?

A: Following the launch of our play-to-earn game, $Golden Inuverse, our developers are going to complete and reveal the $Golden Bazaar.   This is the innovative e-commerce platform I mentioned earlier.

$Golden Bazaar will allow users to buy and sell goods or services using cryptocurrency, revolutionizing the way e-commerce operates. This will be a decentralized platform with community moderation, more or less like how Twitter handles fake news with the Community Notes.

In an earlier news story, it says you want to use this “$Golden Bazaar” platform to change lives. Why do you call this the “Amazon meets shopify” of crypto commerce?

A: We view the $Golden Bazaar as a revolutionary platform that brings together the best aspects of e-commerce giants like Amazon and Shopify. It provides the variety and scale of Amazon with the customizable and entrepreneurial spirit of Shopify. The significant difference is the integration of the Decentralised Finance, making it more inclusive and accessible, particularly to those without traditional banking accounts and facilities.

How much of a positive impact do you think this will have on the value of the $Golden tokens?

A: We view the $Golden Bazaar as a revolutionary platform that brings together the best aspects of e-commerce giants like Amazon and Shopify. It provides the variety and scale of Amazon with the customizable and entrepreneurial spirit of Shopify. The significant difference is the integration of Decentralised Finance, making it more inclusive and accessible, particularly to those without traditional banking facilities.

In your eyes, what are the hurdles that Golden Inu faces in the future that could have a contrary impact to the positives?

A: Future challenges include regulatory uncertainties that come with the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain. As we know, the SEC is hunting right now…

Market volatility is another concern. However, we are well-prepared with a dedicated team and strategic planning to navigate these potential challenges. Our focus is always on innovation and user value, and we believe that these guiding principles will help us overcome any hurdles.

Some debate that the $Golden token has a meme character for its logo, but it’s an altcoin and not a Memecoin. Would you agree with this? Most tokens do not have crypto product development the way you all have started out.

A: I agree. While our logo and mascot may have a meme character, the fundamentals of Golden Inu are far beyond that of a typical Memecoin.

Our commitment to providing value to our token holders through continuous product development sets us apart from many memecoins in the market. We can’t define Golden Inu as you would other memecoins because Golden Inu was created with crypto products ready in accessory to our $GOLDEN token launch, and this is a project born from long-term vision.

We’re not like others that are just saying, “ Buy this you will make millions “.

An interesting fact — though you’re the founder, you released ownership of the token after its creation. Why did you do this?

I decided to renounce ownership of the $GOLDEN [BEP-20] BNB Chain token. This decision was made to reinforce the values of decentralization and community ownership. That’s the heart of blockchain and crypto to me. By renouncing ownership, I have ensured that $GOLDEN [BEP-20] is truly a community token, and this demonstrates our commitment to transparency and trust.

Lastly, let’s talk about liquidity. One of the most valuable and most overlooked factors of Golden Inu token is how its liquidity pool is formed.   

Can you explain the way the fiat reserves that back the token are generated? And how long will it be before Golden Inu has a $1-to-$1 liquid reserve? 

A: Our liquidity pool is built by pairing a portion of $GOLDEN tokens from transactions with BNB or ETH. The fiat reserves backing the token come from trading volume and the continuous growth of our ecosystem ( every time someone buys or sells, 3% of slippage goes into the liquidity and is being burnt ).

While it’s challenging to predict exact timelines, we aim to have a $1-to-$1 liquid reserve within the next 1 to 2 years, given our current growth trajectory and future plans.

The Golden Inu project is an ambitious one, but it seems to be for the right reasons. With a myriad of meme-themed “inu” tokens, Golden Inu stands out as one with a clear road ahead and a mindset of delivering what’s promised.

The ecosystem appears robust, and, as clarified by the founder, the team has its feet firmly on the ground but with sights in the future.

Golden Inu aims to differentiate itself from the avalanche of tokens that fail to deliver on their massive promises and, instead, develop a platform that aims to truly empower its users. It’s really exciting to see how all of it will unfold.

Fond out more about Golden Inu Token: Website, Twitter, Telegram


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