Analysts bullish on Everlodge, Cardano, and Klaytn

According to analysts, Cardano and Klaytn may recover in October after a lackluster performance in September. Meanwhile, after rallying 80% in August, experts maintain a bullish outlook on Everlodge in the ongoing presale.

Everlodge rallying in presale

Analysts bullish on Everlodge, Cardano, and Klaytn - 1

ELDG, Everlodge’s native token, is up 80% in the first three presale stages, rising from $0.01 to $0.018. 

At this pace, bulls expect more growth in the next few months. 

Everlodge is a decentralized finance (defi) marketplace that allows investors to fractionally invest in vacation properties such as holiday homes, luxury villas, and hotels. 

The platform simplifies buying and selling, eliminating the need for countless third parties and endless paperwork. Contracts are irrefutable as all ownership data is kept on the blockchain. 

Everlodge also aims to reduce the barriers to entry for property development, allowing investors to trade anonymously regardless of their credit score and country of origin. 

Additionally, Everlodge offers a property launchpad and a VIP rewards club for token holders, providing opportunities for free stays at listed properties that can be redeemed or sold on booking platforms.

In the ongoing presale, ELDG is available for $0.018.

Klaytn may bounce after dropping 20%

In September, Klaytn fell by 20%, dragging daily trading volume to under $10 million. 

Currently, Klaytn is trading for $0.1107. 

Historical trends suggest that rallies are typically followed by declines. As such, experts anticipate that Klaytn will recover in October.

Investors remain bullish on Cardano

Cardano has been impacted by new regulations in 2023, but analysts still believe in its potential. 

ADA has been under pressure despite being the 8th largest crypto by market cap. 

The coin is changing hands at $0.2451, but some claim ADA is undervalued and should be trading at at least $1. 

Considering this preview, analysts expect ADA to recover in the months ahead.

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