B2BinPay v17 aims to transform global business transactions

B2BinPay v17 has enhanced the crypto payment experience, enabling businesses to access the growing cryptocurrency market easily. Its platform has long been renowned for facilitating global crypto transactions between merchants and enterprises, and this latest version only further strengthens that reputation.

The update introduces various features to meet all users’ needs while providing several bug fixes and performance improvements. Moreover, this version builds on the existing capabilities of B2BinPay, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for every transaction.

With B2BinPay v17, businesses have more tools for engaging with crypto.

Support for clients and device-wide consistency

B2BinPay’s Help desk is now equipped with a real-time notification system, allowing you to be notified promptly of any new messages in your support tickets. 

This system includes an “unread counter” that displays the count of tickets with new messages, giving you an easy way to track which conversations are still active and requiring your attention.

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Updated EUROC and TUSD settlement options

Stablecoins are fast becoming the go-to payment option for merchants seeking a reliable and secure currency to settle their transactions. 

B2BinPay’s v17 update has enabled these businesses to make settlements in Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, USDC, USD, EUR, and now, TUSD and EUROC. 

Adding TrueUSD and Euro Coin to the merchant wallets brings more diversity and expansion for B2Binpay clients. The new stablecoins are also multi-token standard compliant, meaning merchants can utilize ERC-20, BEP-20, and TRC-20 for increased flexibility in managing payments and settlements.

The update specifically supports Euro Coin (EUROC), a Euro-backed stablecoin issued by Circle. Circle is also the firm behind USDC, the second-biggest stablecoin with a total market value exceeding $25 billion. 

With EUROC positioned among the top 18 stablecoins, companies doing business in the Eurozone have unprecedented access to a reliable and secure payment solution. 

Updated price model

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With B2BinPay v17, merchants and enterprises can include a refreshed and more affordable price module.

For merchants, B2BinPay 17 has lowered the setup cost to a flat $500 fee, with commission fees reduced from 0.5% to 0.4%. These new commission tiers can go as low as 0.25%, providing even greater cost savings for higher transaction volumes.

For enterprise blockchain wallets, B2BinPay v. 17 has also lowered the setup cost from $1,500 to a flat $1,000 fee, which now covers activation of smart contracts for Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Tron, as well as wallets for XRP, Stellar (XLM), and BNB. 

There are no hidden charges with its all-inclusive setup cost, and B2BinPay even further reduced commission tiers, starting at 0.4% and going as low as 0.05%. This makes their enterprise offering incredibly competitive in the market.

Extra currency options for business clients

The B2BinPay Enterprise blockchain wallet solution is an advanced, tailor-made ecosystem for corporate institutions that prefer to use cryptocurrencies as their primary form of payment.

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This update has furthered this purpose by adding many options with 14 stablecoins and 113 new tokens across 14 different blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Tron, and BNB Chain ecosystems.

Improved user interface and experience

The Rates Tab in B2BinPay v. 17 has been updated to facilitate a more efficient and streamlined navigation experience. 

With the addition of currency-type filters, an alphabetical search feature, and a favorites section, users can easily access their preferred rates without having to scroll through multiple pages or switch between tabs. 

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For new or infrequent users, the team has also provided detailed onboarding notes, which provide a step-by-step guide, helping them to quickly and comfortably become familiar with the platform. 

Users can now make informed decisions and even complete profitable transactions more efficiently.

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B2BinPay v. 17 also offers the option to view payout fees in your default currency, increasing transparency around transaction costs. Moreover, users can enter custom fee amounts into the system for even greater control and accuracy.

Usability improvements and functional updates

B2BinPay has made several updates to improve usability and functionality, including enhancing dropdown menus with currency type and active state groupings and implementing search functionalities. 

It removed the 7-day expiration limit for merchant invoices and added an email notification feature for reports. 

To help users manage their wallets more efficiently, the v17 upgrade also brings a “Delete Wallet” button, enabling the removal of wallets with zero balance and no deposits. 

With these updates, B2BinPay ensures its users have a robust and secure platform that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

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Enterprise users can now sort their wallet tables based on ID and currency, providing more flexibility in managing their information. 

Moreover, QR code generation has been enhanced with token icons as a new layer above the code – making it easier for users to identify which tokens are associated with a specific code. 

Additionally, users can add or remove individual IP addresses from the IP whitelist with a password confirmation prompt displayed in a modal window. 

These features are designed to make managing financial information more secure and efficient, providing enterprise users the convenience they need when dealing with their digital assets.

Final words

At B2BinPay, the team is committed to continuously improving the platform and providing customers with the best possible user experience. To that end, v17 offers a comprehensive range of upgrades designed for individual and enterprise users. B2BinPay is already working on versions 18 and 19 to ensure their features align with customer needs.

Recently, B2BinPay joined Ledger to present a limited edition of custom-branded Ledger Nano X wallets. This offer is available to their loyal customers and those new to the platform.

B2BinPay has sponsored the Athletic Club for the 2023/2024 La Liga season to promote crypto payments and expand its industry reach.

These collaborations and the launch of v17 demonstrate the company’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction and rank B2BinPay at the top spot among its competitors.

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