Binance’s P2P Change: Venezuela’s Premier Bank Gets Cut

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Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has opted to exclude Banco de Venezuela (BDV) from its list of accepted P2P trading payment methods. While Binance has yet to give an official announcement, podcast WhaleCoinTalk confirmed on Twitter.

Venezuelan digital currency enthusiasts were taken aback by the sudden omission of Banco de Venezuela from Binance’s P2P payment roster, local Argentine news site CryptoNoticias reported:

“Although the service still displays the BDV option, at the time of going to press there is only one sale ad available related to the Venezuelan bank, and only with the Binance USD (BUSD) cryptocurrency.”

The exclusion of Banco de Venezuela (BDV) is of heightened significance due to its extensive influence in the country. As of 2022, BDV reported total assets of 73,222.2 million bolivars, or $4,186.5 million, holding a dominant 56.1% market share in Venezuela.

Although BDV still appears as a payment option on Binance’s interface, in-depth examination suggests otherwise. Presently, only one related listing is displayed, which, upon inspection, appears to be more of an oversight than an actual offering, according to CryptoNoticias. 

Humberto Quevedo, Vice-President of the National Association of Cryptocurrencies (Asonacrip), underscored the potential implications of this development, as BDV “was the only Venezuelan public bank enabled for the direct exchange between USD tether (USDT) and bolivars through Binance,” he remarked to CryptoNoticias:

“Are we going to attack the only sector that can help us get out of this quagmire?”

Quevedo further noted BDV’s essential function as a prominent bolivar market on Binance.

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