Bitcoin dips from $30,000, DigiToads to extend bull run through 2024

Bitcoin dips from $30,000, DigiToads to extend bull run through 2024

The performance of crypto assets is impacted by sentiment, with the Bitcoin (BTC) price being a key indicator. Meanwhile, DigiToads is gaining popularity among investors as an alternative asset.

Bitcoin is a store-of-value asset with no credible threat from coins like Litecoin (LTC), which have stagnated despite attempting to provide more efficient alternatives.

Instead, projects that offer utility have higher chances of achieving the growth investors hope for. One such project is DigiToads (TOADS). This project is in its final presale stage, Lilypad 10, and has raised over $6.4 million. 

Their presale concludes on Aug. 15, 2023, as the project heads for launch on Aug. 21, 2023.

Bitcoin consolidates around $30,000

In the volatile crypto world, how Bitcoin moves often significantly impact the broader market. After reaching historic highs in late 2021, prices fell in 2022, dropping below $20,000. 

However, the pioneer coin has been resilient and has recovered, breaking above $30,000 in the first half of 2023. 

In recent days, Bitcoin has been hovering around $30,000 but recently dropped to $29,000. 

However, traders maintain a positive outlook and use this price point to assess the overall market mood. Any notable changes in either direction could indicate a rise in trader confidence or a persistent state of uncertainty.

DigiToads drawing investors

Amidst this price stability, DigiToads has been attracting investor attention.

During its presale phase, DigiToads is being offered at $0.047 per token, and it is expected to increase to $0.055 on launch. 

Early presale participants stand to receive a 450% return on 

investment (ROI) on the launch date and possibly more the project deploys.

The driving force behind the project’s momentum lies in its features. DigiToads has a robust roadmap, unlike many meme coins. 

In this gaming ecosystem, players are rewarded for their gameplay activities. By nurturing digital toads and protecting their virtual habitat, users can earn TOADS based on their efforts.

DigiToads allows users to mint non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles, creating value.

These NFTs can be staked, similar to how native tokens are staked on conventional staking platforms. 

Starting Aug. 21, 2023, players can earn a percentage of TOADS from transaction fees by staking NFTs in the P2E gaming ecosystem.

For now, players can mint NFTs at  


Investors are showing interest in emerging assets like DigiToads, hoping to capitalize on potential growth as Bitcoin remains stable after facing challenges in the past year and a half.

During its presale phase, DigiToads presale investors have earned notable gains. Investors are optimistic about the potential for even more growth after the full launch because of the project’s approach of creating a meme coin. This has garnered attention and added to its appeal among the investor community.

The DigiToads launch on Aug. 21 is highly anticipated as it will introduce the utility meme coin to the market.

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