Bitcoin Will 10x Says Michael Saylor, This New Hybrid Exchange…

The popular Bitcoin investor and permabull, Michael Saylor, has released a new prediction for Bitcoin. Saylor has said that under the right conditions, the price of Bitcoin will jump by 10x to set a new trading high at $250,000. In other news, Tradecurve, a new hybrid exchange has outlined plans to overtake Binance as the number one crypto exchange, and some experts believe it is possible. 

  • Michael Saylor has predicted a 10x price jump for Bitcoin, predicting the crypto will trade as high as $250,000 in the next bull run.
  • According to Saylor, regulatory clarity will be the catalyst for the next bull run.
  • While Binance suffers due to regulatory clarity, a new hybrid exchange has tapped into markets that could see it overtake the number one crypto exchange.


Michael Saylor Predicts 10x Price Jump for Bitcoin (BTC)

In an interview with Bloomberg, Michael Saylor, the co-founder of Microstrategy, an enterprise business intelligence provider, predicted that the price of Bitcoin could jump by 10x. In explaining the reasoning for his prediction, Saylor said regulatory clarity in the U.S. will drive the next Bitcoin rally.

The presence of regulatory clarity will encourage venture capitalists that have avoided cryptocurrencies to jump into the industry. He adds that the recent crackdown on many top crypto exchanges by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would lay the groundwork for the next major Bitcoin bull run.

Congress is already working on a unified crypto regulatory framework and assigning crypto-specific roles to SEC and CFTC, meaning the next Bitcoin bull run couldn’t be far away. If Saylor’s prediction holds true, we would witness Bitcoin set a new all-time high at $250,000, beating its previous ATH at $68,789.


Binance Has a New Challenger, And the Hybrid Exchange Could Overtake It

On the journey to regulatory clarity for the cryptocurrency industry, the leading crypto exchange, Binance, has been caught in the web of the SEC. The crackdown on centralized exchanges has opened a window for the newer hybrid exchanges, which many crypto experts have called the future of crypto trading because they combine the best features of centralized and decentralized exchanges.

One hybrid exchange, Tradecurve, has set out to challenge the dominance of Binance by incorporating into its platform trading features that Binance lack, including more trading options (forex and derivatives), negative balance protection, self-management of private keys, low latency ultra-fast order execution, and algorithmic trading. 

By looking to offer wider assets for trading and features that will make for a seamless trading experience, Tradecurve plans to topple Binance as the number one crypto trading platform. With the current regulatory crackdown on Binance, many crypto analysts believe Tradecurve has a chance to steal market share from Binance to reduce its dominance. 

Tradecurve is on track to enact its plan, currently in the fourth presale phase expecting to raise $20 million to launch its platform. The project has enjoyed massive support from investors currently buying its native token, TCRV, at $0.018 per token.

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