Borroe Finance presale draws XRP and Solana holders

Borroe Finance presale draws XRP and Solana holders

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Several popular cryptocurrencies have posted sharp gains over the past few years. One such example is Solana (SOL). Meanwhile, investors are closely monitoring Borroe Finance (ROE). The platform aims to redefine web3 fundraising and has garnered support from XRP investors. 

More about Borroe Finance

Borroe Finance has raised over $2.6 million in the ongoing presale. 

The AI-powered fundraising marketplace allows web3 businesses to raise cash by selling future earnings to supportive communities at discounted prices. 

In stage 4 of its presale, ROE is available for $0.019.

The token will list for $0.040, but supporters say ROE can rally to $0.190 by December 2024.

Solana falling

On Jan. 18, Electric Capital released a report on the best non-EVM chain for new developers. 

Solana emerged as the top pick for developers, with over 3,300 actively building on the blockchain. 

Additionally, the report predicted that the Solana ecosystem will see 2,500 new developers in 2024, with a 50% retention rate. 

Despite this, SOL is under pressure, failing to break above $90.

With bears in control, some analysts say SOL will drop to as low as $75 by February 2024.

XRP investors anticipate 2024 roadmap

On Jan. 16, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse joined CFTC Commissioner Caroline D. Pham at Bloomberg House.

They discussed the future of cryptocurrency and ways to ensure that digital assets like XRP are more adaptable to future changes. 

On Jan. 18., Brad spoke at the World Economic Forum, emphasizing the need for a realistic perspective on cryptocurrency and sharing Ripple’s plans for Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in the upcoming months.

XRP remains unmoved. On Jan. 12, the coin changed hands at $0.5777, and a week later, it lost 7.44%, trading at $0.5347. 

According to analysts, investors should consider other coins besides XRP in Q1 2024 due to declining investor confidence and falling upside momentum.

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