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In this video, Charles Hoskinson discusses how Cardano Hodlers are being lied to about cryptocurrency. He starts the video by talking about how the cryptocurrency industry has been around for 10 years, yet has failed to reach mainstream usage. He then goes on to discuss how Cardano Hodlers are being lied to about the true value of cryptocurrency. He explains that there are two ways to value cryptocurrency: from a technical perspective and from a market perspective. From a technical perspective, he explains that the technology behind cryptocurrency is still immature, which means that it could not yet be used for real-world applications. From a market perspective, he states that the current market for cryptocurrency is highly speculative and that the true value of cryptocurrency is yet to be determined. He concludes the video by stating that despite the current state of the industry, the future of cryptocurrency is still bright and that Cardano Hodlers should not be discouraged by the current state of the industry.

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