Crypto browser Opera connects MultiversX blockchain

Opera is teaming up with MultiversX blockchain to provide access to the entire metaverse-focused ecosystem within the desktop browser and Android app.

Now Opera Crypto browser can connect to MultiversX: to trade EGLD and ESDT native tokens, NFTs and decentralized dApps.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO of MultiversX, told CoinDesk that the network’s integration with Opera will give users a more accessible landing in web3:

By being integrated into the Opera browser suite, MultiversX is leveraging the potential of Web3 in a way that is accessible and familiar to users. It’s a significant step in creating a simplified, low-barrier entry point to the world of Web3 and blockchain assets, one that allows users to easily access the new digital economy without needing to understand the underlying complexities.

MultiversX aims to achieve interoperability and user-friendly access to web3. In February, the company unveiled xPortal, a comprehensive “super app” that serves as a centralized platform for users who can seamlessly connect to decentralized applications and the metaverse. MultiversX has partnered with Tencent, the renowned Chinese technology company responsible for the widely used messaging app WeChat. This collaboration aims to help Tencent develop and expand its web3 strategy.

​Opera has recently released a new set of tools called Web3 Guard, which aims to provide the most secure platform for beginners and advanced crypto users. The update mainly addresses improved security for users when interacting with dApps, phishing attack detection, and direct protection against malicious actors.

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  • Crypto browser Opera connects MultiversX blockchain

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