cryptonews might outperform EOS and Cosmos

As crypto prices decline, the (DOMI) presale is gaining momentum, attracting investors. Some analysts claim the project can follow the growth trajectory of established projects like Cosmos (ATOM).

To provide some background, ATOM was priced at $0.10 during its initial coin offering (ICO). Currently, it is being traded at $6.60, resulting in a 66x return on investment (ROI) for those who invested during the presale. On the other hand, EOS was initially listed at $1.887880. However, its price is now below the ICO price due to the bear market, unfavorable tokenomics, and limited developer activity. While EOS provided a 10x return at its peak, Cosmos delivered a 546x return at its all-time high. aims to revolutionize the art market by offering a secure, transparent, and efficient way for everyday investors to acquire shares of high-value artworks, some of which are valued at up to $500 million. These assets appreciate over time, potentially offering substantial profits to investors who may not typically have access to such opportunities. opportunities aims to increase liquidity in the art market by allowing investors to purchase fractional shares of valuable artwork, allowing them to invest in art.

Art holds its value relatively well and is not affected by financial market fluctuations or inflation, making it an attractive option for investors seeking portfolio diversification and protection.

Over the past two decades, high-end art have grown by 7.6%, outperforming markets such as the S&P 500 and FTSE 100.

Domini’s approach to art investments

Analysts: might outperform EOS and Cosmos - 1 combines the ERC-20 token standard, smart contracts, and blockchain to establish a secure and transparent platform for investors interested in acquiring fractional ownership of high-end art. 

The process commences with’s team of art experts meticulously selecting prestigious artworks from various artistic periods and styles, emphasizing pieces demonstrating a history of appreciation.

Once these chosen artworks are procured, they are safeguarded in secure storage vaults. Simultaneously, an individual non-fungible token (NFT) is generated for each artwork acquired. These NFTs serve as unique digital representations of real-world art pieces and are intrinsically connected to their market value.

To make art investments more accessible, these tokens are fractionalized, granting investors the flexibility to commit any desired amount of capital. The blockchain verifies the authenticity of these tokens with ease.

When purchasing, you can use QUBE, which can be obtained through conventional payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, or popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). By participating in this fractional ownership model, investors can receive a proportionate share of any profits generated by the original artwork. The value of their tokens aligns with the appreciation of the underlying artwork over time.

ATOM is up 66X despite prices falling 50% in 2023

Investors who bought ATOM during its presale are up 66X despite prices crumbling by over 50% in 2023. 

Based on this, investors are optimistic that DOMI could follow a similar path due to its proposition of making art investments accessible to everyday individuals.

EOS prices down by 20% in last 30 days

EOS Investors who didn’t sell at 2021 peaks are not at a loss since prices are below the ICO price.

However, the token’s growth has been limited due to its large supply, and the project needs to undertake significant work to ensure its survival in the future.

Summary’s growth trajectory will likely mirror Cosmos thanks to its creative way of opening up art investments so regular investors can enjoy the rewards of owning high-end art. 

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