Ethereum and Stellar prices surging as InQubeta attracts institutional investors

Ethereum and Stellar prices surging as InQubeta attracts institutional investors

The crypto market is dynamic. Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar (XLM) have been firm, drawing investor attention. 

This momentum extends beyond legacy coins to newcomers such as InQubeta. Specifically, InQubeta’s value proposition has the attention of institutional investors. 

InQubeta: rethinking AI investment

InQubeta is a protocol on Ethereum that aims to merge artificial intelligence (AI) startups with crypto to democratize investment. 

The platform uses QUBE, its native token, to enable fractional investment in AI startups, opening up access to more ordinary investors.

InQubeta takes a unique approach to its tokenomics. The protocol applies a 2% tax on all trading transactions, directing funds to a burning wallet. 

Moreover, a 5% tax on sell transactions contributes to a dedicated reward pool. 

This mechanism allows stakers to receive rewards, a reason investors are exploring the project. 

The strategic investment approach adopted by InQubeta in the AI startup space has caught the attention of institutional investors. The project’s presale has raised over $1.7 million so far, pointing to investors’ interest.

InQubeta is utilizing presale funds to advance its roadmap, including plans for a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, a swap feature, and establishing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Ethereum: a smart contract pioneer

Ethereum is a leading blockchain platform known for introducing smart contracts and supporting decentralized applications like InQubeta. 

The value of its native token, ETH, has surged due to market sentiment around layer-1s. 

Institutional investors view Ethereum as a potential alternative or addition to Bitcoin for diversifying their portfolios, given its ability to support decentralized finance (defi) and NFT projects. This is bullish for ETH in the long term.

Stellar pushes for financial inclusion

Stellar’s goal is to expedite and reduce the cost of transactions while providing access to those who do not have conventional banking services. 

XLM, Stellar’s cryptocurrency, has increased in price because more banks use the network for international payments. 

Investors are considering Stellar because the project focuses on financial inclusion, and its technology can be expanded to support more people.

Bridging AI and crypto is a winning combination

The crypto market has some standout projects like Ethereum and Stellar, known for their innovative blockchain approach. 

InQubeta, a newcomer, merges AI and blockchain, attracting institutional investors and validating its potential. 

As crypto gains mainstream acceptance, projects with real-world value, like InQubeta, will likely attract savvy investors.

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