Ethereum WASM enhanced with Stylus as Chainlink and SWIFT partner, Borroe.Finance surges 25%

There were enhancements to Ethereum’s WASM, yet ETH prices remained unchanged. Similarly, Chainlink teamed up with SWIFT for blockchain interoperability trials, but LINK prices stayed within their current trading range.

In the current market turmoil, Borroe.Finance (ROE) is drawing investor attention. LINK is already up 25% in its presale, and ROE is one of the coins being explored. 

At this pace, questions are being asked: will LINK and ETH catch up with ROE? 

Let’s find out.

Arbitrum Stylus for Ethereum WASM released

On Aug. 31, 2023, Offchain Labs launched Arbitrum Stylus, a programming environment for WebAssembly languages.

It enhances compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and WASM-compatible languages and networks.

Notably, it also boosts the speed and cost-effectiveness of Arbitrum Nitro operations.

After several weeks of consolidation, ETH fell sharply and didn’t change despite this WASM upgrade. Notably, ETH prices briefly retested $1,750 before edging lower.

As it is, if ETH remains below $1,650, it may drop to $1,450 in the short term. 

Even so, analysts expect the coin to trend sideways in the short term but expect ETH to emerge stronger in September, reaching $1,710.

Chainlink partners with SWIFT for interoperability trials

On Aug. 31, 2023, the interbank messaging system SWIFT confirmed its collaboration with Chainlink. 

Initially, SWIFT announced its partnership with the Oracle provider and multiple financial institutions for blockchain interoperability trials in June 2023.

Meanwhile, Chainlink recently launched version 0.2 of its staking platform, increasing the maximum pool limit from 25 million to 45 million LINK. 

This development, although currently accessible only to existing stakers, is a major milestone for Chainlink.

With more LINK staked, the lower supply might catalyze demand. Furthermore, Chainlink staking gives decent interest rates, another advantage that may attract stakers. 

Bulls are optimistic that this upgrade might support prices in the medium term. From July 20, LINK is down by over 30%.

Analysts expect the token to reach $7.55 by 2023.

Borroe rises 25% in stage 1 of its presale

Ethereum WASM enhanced with Stylus as Chainlink and SWIFT partner, Borroe.Finance surges 25% - 1

Borroe.Finance is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered funding marketplace. 

This platform offers a unique way for web3 users and content creators to generate fast cash flow. It involves selling future earnings from subscriptions, royalties, and invoices as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

While traditional funding platforms find it challenging to embrace web3 principles, Borroe.Finance has seamlessly integrated them.

By minting and selling the invoice NFTs at discounted rates, Borroe.Finance powers a peer-to-peer (P2P) ecosystem where investors can trade their NFTs on multiple secondary markets.

In its beta stage, ROE was available for $0.0100. 

In stage 1 of the presale, ROE rose by 25% to $0.0125. The token will increase to $0.0150 in stage 2.

Analysts expect ROE to reach $0.0400 by the end of the presale, a 3X increase from the initial stage. 

Learn more about Borroe.Finance (ROE) here:

Visit Borroe presale | Join the Telegram group | Follow Borroe on Twitter

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