Ethereum’s Historical Vault Now Open: ChainLight’s Relic Protocol v2 Partners with zkSync Era

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ChainLight, specializing in blockchain security and smart contract audits, has announced the deployment of its updated Relic Protocol v2 on zkSync Era, a zk-Rollup platform.

This move is positioned to offer developers an efficient and trustless channel to Ethereum’s expansive historical data:

“This new capability provides developers with easier access to Ethereum’s historical data and extends data processing capabilities to Layer 2 solutions.”

The reliance of Ethereum smart contracts on third-party data has long been a point of vulnerability. With historical instances of security breaches linked to third-party data compromises, the need for a robust and reliable data access solution has grown.

ChainLight’s Relic Protocol v2 aims to address this gap.

Brian Pak, co-founder and CEO of ChainLight, commented on the launch, “Our goal is to empower developers and users to make informed, trustless on-chain decisions:”

“Leveraging zkSync’s cost-effective infrastructure, we‘re happy to support developers with an easy, affordable way to access trustworthy data.”

The integration of Relic Protocol v2 with zkSync Era was a calculated decision. zkSync Era is known for its relatively low transaction fees compared to the Ethereum mainnet. By capitalizing on zkSync Era’s infrastructure, developers can tap into Ethereum’s data trove without being burdened by high fees.

ChainLight’s approach to the Relic Protocol v2 extends beyond mere data access; it shows trust. The Reliquary smart contract, foundational to the Relic Protocol, protects against mutable changes. Furthermore, ChainLight’s method of adding new features — integrating them modularly post a time lock — ensures the protocol’s continued trustworthiness:

“Without a robust, trustless, on-chain solution like Relic Protocol v2, developers risk exposure to potential bugs, malicious actions, or hacks when relying on off-chain ‘bridges’ for data transfer.”

In sum, the collaboration between Relic Protocol v2 and zkSync Era is expected to redefine how developers access and utilize Ethereum’s data, emphasizing trust and cost efficiency.

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