Floki and Turbo Among Top Meme Coin Gainers, Could WienerAI Pump Next?

Floki (FLOKI) and Turbo (TURBO) have been two of the biggest gainers in the meme coin space over the past 24 hours.

Both tokens are up significantly and continue to outpace most of their peers.

But attention is already turning to the next potential star, WienerAI (WAI), after it hit the $3.2 million milestone in its presale phase.

Floki and Turbo Among Top Meme Coin Gainers, Could WienerAI Pump Next?

FLOKI Token Continues its Explosive Price Rally

FLOKI continues to impress meme coin investors. The token is trading at $0.000274, up 30% in the past week.

And the past 24 hours have seen FLOKI spike another 4% higher. At the time of writing, FLOKI is the 3rd most traded meme coin behind only PEPE and DOGE.

But on a broader scale, FLOKI has become the 12th most traded crypto overall, with a whopping $1.1 billion in spot volume changing hands over the last 24 hours.

Floki and Turbo Among Top Meme Coin Gainers, Could WienerAI Pump Next?

So what’s driving all this interest?

One of the main catalysts is that FLOKI’s team recently announced the closed beta mainnet launch of their new Floki Trading Bot.

This Telegram-based bot allows users to trade cryptos across Ethereum, BNB Chain, and other blockchains.

The bot charges a 1% fee on each trade, with 50% of those fees used to buy and burn FLOKI tokens.

As a result, the circulating supply of FLOKI is expected to decrease over time – which is good news for existing holders.

TURBO Becomes Top Meme Coin Gainer After 600% Rise

Another meme coin that’s been on fire lately is Turbo (TURBO).

This AI-themed meme token is trading at $0.0088 – a 42% rise in the past day alone.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg since TURBO has rocketed over 600% in the past week to become the world’s 8th most traded meme coin.

The main reasons for the token’s impressive run is that it taps into the AI crypto trend that has traders extremely bullish.

With AI narratives being all the rage, TURBO’s origin story seems to be striking a chord.

Floki and Turbo Among Top Meme Coin Gainers, Could WienerAI Pump Next?

This is because TURBO didn’t come from some hyped-up developer team.

Instead, the project began when its creator tasked GPT-4 with “creating the next great meme coin” on a $69 budget.

From those humble beginnings, TURBO has grown into a fully-fledged cryptocurrency with a huge online community.

And with no taxes and a renounced contract, the token has really got people talking.

WienerAI Shows Enormous Potential as AI-Powered Trading Bot Draws Interest

Alongside FLOKI and TURBO, another joke token called WienerAI is making moves.

Despite its bizarre name and imagery, WienerAI offers real utility.

The developers aim to provide an all-in-one “predictive trading partner” by combining an AI trading bot with fee-free swapping on DEXs.

It works by users feeding WienerAI their trading criteria, and the bot will instantly analyze the market for prime trading opportunities.

Floki and Turbo Among Top Meme Coin Gainers, Could WienerAI Pump Next?

WienerAI’s bot then allows for one-click swaps while protecting traders from MEV bots trying to front-run their orders.

This use case has piqued the interest of meme coin investors.

Over $3.2 million in funding has been raised in WienerAI’s presale from those looking to get in early on this AI token.

But the AI narrative isn’t the only draw, since WAI holders can also stake their tokens to earn up to 319% APY.

With the presale set to end in the next few weeks, members of WienerAI’s Telegram channel believe it could be the next meme coin to surge.

And given the recent success of similar tokens like FLOKI and TURBO, there’s definitely reason to believe this could be possible.

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