Logan Paul’s energy drink faces regulatory scrutiny in US

Logan Paul's energy drink faces regulatory scrutiny in US

Prime, the drinks brand co-founded by YouTube stars Logan Paul and KSI, is currently under fire in the US due to concerns surrounding the elevated levels of caffeine in its energy drink.

US Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer has called upon the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to launch an investigation into Prime Energy for allegedly targeting children with its marketing, despite containing nearly double the amount of caffeine found in a Red Bull.

Although the energy drink carries a warning indicating it is not suitable for individuals under 18, Schumer argued that the packaging resembles Prime’s caffeine-free product, leading some parents to unknowingly purchase the high-caffeine beverage for their children.

Prime, a brand in which Logan Paul and fellow YouTuber KSI each hold a 20% stake, gained substantial popularity after its launch in 2022. The brand’s online following led to fans queuing outside shops, despite the product’s significantly higher price compared to its competitors.

Victims of Logan Paul’s NFT scam still await refunds

Logan Paul, known for his controversial history and a series of apologies over the past decade, now faces renewed criticism for failing to address the aftermath of his CryptoZoo NFT scam.

Despite announcing a plan to rectify the situation six months ago, victims of the scam claim they have not received any refunds.

Paul was exposed by Stephen “Coffeezilla” Findeisen, who recently stated he spoke to the victims about the non-payment.

Findeisen also stated that he had contacted Logan Paul several times for an explanation but received no response.

“According to the victims, there [have] been zero payments. There’s no excuse for this. Logan made a public statement about this, took credit for it, and has ghosted the victims.” 

Stephen Findeisen aka Coffeezilla

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