Matter Labs hires Activision Blizzard executive to bolster zkSync gaming

Matter Labs hires Activision Blizzard executive to bolster zkSync gaming

Michael Lee, who was most recently the vice president of community at Activision Blizzard, has been promoted to senior vice president of growth at Matter Labs. Incorporating gaming into the zkSync platform will be Lee’s key focus.

In a statement, Lee emphasized his conviction that cryptocurrency is still waiting for its breakthrough application. He said a great game could draw millions of players overnight and swiftly grow to tens of millions when it is created and pleasurable to play.

Lee’s primary emphasis will be the expansion of zkSync’s footprint in the gaming industry, which will broaden the company’s audience beyond crypto aficionados. zkSync is a layer-2 network that is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Speaking to the gaming industry, Lee indicated that a significant impediment had been the need for proper infrastructure, and zkSync’s goal is to enable game production by AAA companies and crypto-savvy game producers.

Lee’s brief history of cryptography

During his time at Activision, Lee was in charge of the massive player community that included games like Overwatch and Call of Duty, which had a combined total of 400 million members.

Before joining Activision, he worked as a vice president at Dfinity, the firm responsible for developing the internet computer protocol. At Dfinity, he was responsible for worldwide marketing and communications in a capacity very similar to the one he has at Activision.

The number of Activision execs moving into the cryptocurrency field is rising, and Lee is the latest to make a move. Daniel Alegre, formerly the president and COO of Activision, has just taken over as the chief executive officer of Yuga Labs. This firm is responsible for the development of the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Matter Labs has already established itself as a player in the gaming industry. Currently, there are thirteen games in the process of being developed on their network, and two of these games are already online.

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