New AI Crypto yPredict Generates Huge Interest & Nears $3M Presale Milestone

The fields of Web3 and artificial intelligence have been flourishing lately, helping produce an array of exciting crypto startups.

Among these, yPredict ($YPRED) is creating quite a buzz with its innovative and ambitious features.

Leveraging the power of advanced AI technology, yPredict offers an array of tools to provide crypto analytics, SEO solutions, and much more.


Reinventing SEO Strategies with yPredict’s Backlink Estimator

One of the key tools rolled out by yPredict is its AI-powered backlink estimator – a tool designed to revolutionize SEO strategies.

This marks a significant milestone for yPredict as it expands its scope to offer content solutions for medium to large-scale teams, widening its target audience.

This backlink estimator feature is trained on over 100 million links, with its main function being to predict the backlink profile needed for a site to rank a specific keyword.

In turn, this eradicates the guesswork in SEO and allows for more precise strategies.


Originally launched as a free preview, the backlink estimator garnered over 5,000 requests within the first 24 hours.

However, after its immediate success, the yPredict team has launched the tool to the masses – with a pricing structure of $99/query, per a recent Tweet from the official yPredict account.

Interestingly, those who purchase $YPRED tokens through yPredict’s ongoing presale will have complete access to the backlink estimator tool and other models the development team has in the pipeline.

This arrangement has further fueled interest in the yPredict ecosystem, with the project’s presale rapidly nearing the $3 million funding mark.

Currently, would-be investors can purchase $YPRED tokens through this presale for just $0.09 – a discount on the planned exchange listing price.

yPredict’s Game-Changing Platform Revolutionizes Crypto Analytics

While the SEO tools mark a thrilling expansion of yPredict’s offerings, the core features of the platform are centered around crypto analytics.

Per yPredict’s whitepaper, the platform seeks to be a game changer by offering state-of-the-art AI-powered tools that provide objective insights to traders worldwide.

The yPredict platform uses machine learning models to analyze colossal amounts of price data, which allows it to identify trends and provide valuable market guidance to users.


Not only that, but the platform will also provide AI-driven trading signals, automated pattern recognition, and market sentiment analysis.

yPredict has recently unveiled a beta version of the platform, inviting interested users to explore its capabilities by joining the project’s waitlist.

However, even if users choose not to utilize the yPredict Analytics suite, they can still access the yPredict Predictions platform for free, as long as they hold $YPRED tokens.

This approach is designed by the yPredict team to make AI-powered crypto and stock price predictions accessible to all, effectively democratizing the process.

Alt_Pump_001 Model Unravels the Potential of Altcoins

yPredict is also making strides by announcing Alt_Pump_001 – an AI-powered model designed to offer insights into the altcoin market.

This groundbreaking tool equips investors with the means to identify future altcoins that have the potential to surge by 100x or more.

Despite being available through a subscription model priced at over $1,000 per month, Alt_Pump_001 can be accessed for free by presale buyers who purchase a minimum of $500 in $YPRED.


Naturally, the development of Alt_Pump_001 further underlines the development team’s commitment to leveraging the power of AI to maximize trading outcomes.

Given the potential of the altcoin market, this tool could be of tremendous value to investors – a fact that has helped prompt an influx of new members into the yPredict Telegram channel.

$YPRED Token Fuels yPredict’s Cutting-Edge Ecosystem

As hinted at throughout this article, $YPRED will serve as the core of yPredict’s revolutionary platform.

This AI utility token will be built using the power of the Polygon blockchain, ensuring it remains fast and secure.

Alongside being used to access yPredict’s premium features, the token can also be staked to earn monthly rewards.


Not only that, but the development team has structured $YPRED’s tokenomics in such a way as to decrease the chance of a rug pull occurring once it is listed on the open market.

A whopping 80% of the total $YPRED supply is being made available through the ongoing public presale, with the remaining 20% allocated for liquidity, treasury, and developmental purposes.

This fair token structure is another key reason yPredict has been generating traction in the market, with high-profile YouTuber Michael Wrubel stating that he is “bullish” on the project.

All in all, yPredict’s combination of AI-powered analytics tools and its revolutionary approach to SEO strategies set the stage for what could be a transformative experience in the world of digital assets.

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