opBNB layer-2 scaling solution launches on BNB Chain

opBNB layer-2 scaling solution launches on BNB Chain

The BNB Chain development team has unveiled launched opBNB on the mainnet to scale decentralized applications (dapps).

This milestone comes after a rigorous testing phase aimed at assessing the network’s overall reliability and functionality.

Built on Optimism’s software package known as OP Stack, opBNB is a layer-2 scaling solution engineered to accelerate transaction speeds and diminish fees for dapps.

The technology allows for the deployment of Ethereum(ETH)-compatible dapps on an off-chain layer, subsequently securing these transactions through the BNB Chain using optimistic rollup technology.

This architecture aims to resolve some of the longstanding issues surrounding blockchain scalability and cost, making the technology more accessible and functional for developers and users alike.

The testnet of the layer-2 solution was initiated in June followed by a limited mainnet release in August where a select number of infrastructure providers had exclusive access to gauge the network’s capabilities.

Arno Bauer, Senior Solution Architect at BNB Chain, emphasized that both scalability and security were of utmost importance throughout the development process. “Before opening the mainnet to the general public, strict criteria were met,” Bauer stated, highlighting the platform’s unwavering focus on performance and security metrics.

The layer-2 network, opBNB, comprises five separate yet interrelated networks. These include the BNB Chain, layer-2 solutions such as opBNB and zkBNB, the BNB Beacon Chain responsible for staking and governance, and BNB Greenfield, a network specialized in data storage.

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