Paving the Way for a Carbon-Neutral Future in Developing Nations with eTukTuks

The TUK token presale is officially underway as it aims to pave the path for a carbon-neutral future in developing nations with electric vehicle (EV) tuk-tuks.

Dubbed eTukTuk, this new-age three-wheeler is elevating the EV standard, earning it the reputation of being the Tesla for developing countries.

The project intends to eliminate carbon emissions from developing nations’ most popular mode of transport – tuk-tuks.

Its revolutionary design is already complete, and the project plans to set the blueprint in Sri Lanka later this year before a global expansion.

Now, with the TUK token presale open, you have your chance to get positioned at the lowest prices and ride the wave higher as eTukTuk follows the growth of Tesla.

eTukTuk – Setting New Standard for Sustainable Transport in Developing Nations

eTukTuk is the first EV project built on the BNB Chain’s Layer-2 opBNB protocol. The project is rooted in real-world applications and is slated as one of the most revolutionary sustainability projects for the developing world this decade.

eTukTuk plans on launching a more affordable EV solution with a widely accessible charging network for developing nations, starting in Sri Lanka later in 2023.

The entire idea behind the project is to tackle the carbon emission problem in developing worlds by building a dynamic multi-revenue model that balances sustainability with innovation.


The team behind eTukTuk wants to help push the world into a sustainable future. It will do this by helping developing nations reduce carbon emissions through sustainable transport modes.

One of the most popular transportation modes in developing countries is the legendary tuk-tuk, which is known to emit more carbon emissions than regular cars.

With over 270 million registered tuk-tuks across the world, this mode of transportation is becoming one of the most significant contributors to air pollution.

eTukTuk intends to change that with its revolutionary EV three-wheeler that’s entirely carbon neutral, cheaper to manufacture, and provides drivers with higher earnings.

Revolutionary Electric eTukTuk With Efficient Charging Network

eTukTuk has spent over five years developing and optimizing its groundbreaking EV three-wheeler and is now ready to start unveiling its creation.

The eTukTuk sets new standards in EV production as it’s built with less than 200 components, making it easy to be manufactured in developing countries.

As a result of local manufacturing, eTukTuks are much cheaper to create – earning eTukTuk the reputation of being the Tesla for developing nations.

The capital and operating expenditure is set to decrease by up to 78% compared to regular tuk-tuks – increasing the take-home earnings for drivers.

Furthermore, eTukTuks are built to be safer and more reliable than traditional tuk-tuks, with a patented roll cage design and LFP batteries.

With two and three-wheeler EVs expected to become the largest EV sector by 2030, eTukTuk is becoming the leader in the space to create a scalable solution to expand across developing nations.

In addition to the groundbreaking eTukTuk, the project will release an efficient charging network through territory partners that will help to strategically place charging stations to ensure accessibility.

First Target: Colombo, Sri Lanka, Before Global Expansion

eTukTuk’s first location of operation will be Colombo, Sri Lanka, which has over 1.2 million registered tuk-tuks.


With prices rising at gas stations in the country, drivers are quickly being priced out of the market and are unable to earn a living wage.

eTukTuk intends to change this by building its first charging station network and helping drivers make the revolutionary switch to EVs as quickly as possible.


They’ve partnered with the Capital Maharaja Group (CMG), which owns a 20% equity stake in eTukTuk in Sri Lanka. CMG is the number one conglomerate in Sri Lanka, and the partnership is set to facilitate growth throughout the country.

CMG is one of many partners for eTukTuk as the project has established a string of partnerships with high-profile companies, such as CityAM, AsiaTokenFund, and NuFi. The following Tweet breaks down all of the partnerships.

TUK Token: The Heartbeat of the Ecosystem

TUK token is your path to accessing the network, allowing you to become an early-stage investor in this sustainability ecosystem.

TUK token is the utility token that will power the ecosystem, and it has carefully designed tokenomics to provide rewards for long-term network participants.

As the charging station network grows, TUK token holders will earn more rewards.

Paving the Way for a Carbon-Neutral Future in Developing Nations with eTukTuks

Through Power Staking, TUK token holders earn rewards as drivers pay fees to charge their EVs at the network of charging stations. In addition, as more transactions occur across the network, the rewards grow.

Drivers will pay for their charging through the Driver App, which helps facilitate payments through TUK tokens via crypto exchanges and fiat onramps.

Passengers can also pay using TUK tokens and receive a discount on their rides.

Overall, as eTukTuk becomes mainstream in developing nations, the value of the TUK token is set to explode – making this a fantastic long-term investment opportunity for environmentally-conscious investors.


TUK just started its presale, selling the token for a price of $0.024. The presale has a 40% discounted community sale for the first stage, providing lower prices to early adopters.

Once the presale raises $120,000, the price of $TUK will increase to $0.028 – so it’s best to get positioned as early as possible.

Visit TUK Presale Today

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