PEPE might recover as new meme coin with GameFi utility conducts presale

PEPE might recover as new meme coin with GameFi utility conducts presale

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Investors of a popular meme coin, Pepe Coin (PEPE), have been patiently waiting for a breakout as the coin has been in a sideways trend since late October. Meanwhile, some investors are exploring new meme coin presales with potential. Meme Fighter, which combines GameFi with memes, has been garnering attention.

Their native token, MOFO, aims to provide utility to PEPE and other meme coins via a cross-chain platform of meme-themed games.

The MOFO presale allows PEPE holders to stake in the game ecosystem and unlock unique character skins.

Meme Fighter’s first game is currently in beta.

PEPE’s rise to fame

PEPE, a meme coin that emerged in early April 2023, triggered a mini bull run in the meme coin market.

Following this success, numerous other meme tokens launched, seeking to capitalize on PEPE’s success.

However, the token sold off sharply in late 2023. It has since failed to recover.

Despite this, some investors believe that PEPE has the potential to lead the meme coin market in 2024.

MOFO presale raises over $500k in less than a day

Meme Fighter is a meme coin with a puzzle fighting game. It is available in beta for Desktop, Android, and iOS.

The project has also raised over $500,000 in less than 24 hours.

Meme Fighter plans to expand into a cross-chain ecosystem of mobile-first games with its Meme Arcade platform.

MOFO, which can be staked to earn fees generated by the arcade games, aims to capitalize on the popularity of meme culture and attract web2 gamers.

The team has developed three games focusing on quick and easy gameplay.

Meme Match, one of the games, is in development.

The project’s approach to combining meme culture with blockchain could appeal to a broad audience of gamers and crypto enthusiasts.

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